Meet The Team

Mark Pinnock

Mark Pinnock CEO

Originally from Essex, Mark now lives in Walton-on-Thames. Having spent a few years living in France, he returned to the UK looking for a new challenge and some good businesses to invest in, having successfully run a number of businesses of his own. In commenting on his involvement with JSB, Mark said "I'm very excited about the prospect of taking over the helm from Nicola. JigsawBox provides a perfect opportunity for a long term investment to grow the business further and build on the excellent work that Nicola has done to date. With a strong client base and robust product it is the perfect business for me to get involved in. I am looking forward to continuing to provide the excellent service that you all appreciate and enjoy and to working with the fabulous team at JigsawBox to make sure that our handover is as smooth as possible. I wish Nicola every success in her new ventures and want to reassure her that I will take care of her legacy. Thank you for this exciting opportunity.'

Karen Skidmore

Karen Skidmore Sales & Marketing

Karen began her love affair with JigsawBox when it was created in 2009. She was Nicola Bird’s, the creator of JigsawBox, first business coach and loved the product so much, she signed up as a customer in the original launch. She has used JigsawBox to launch dozens of online programmes over the years, enabling her to sell and create digital products quickly and easily and position herself as one of the leading coaches in the UK. When asked to join the team as Head of Sales & Marketing when Mark bought the business in 2016, it felt like a fait accompli to be using her digital marketing expertise along with her wealth of knowledge of running a global coaching business.

Sam Trim

Sam Trim Operations Manager

Sam has over 15 years of Customer Service Experience. She quit the rat race in 2010 to go travelling around the world with her husband. On her return, Sam joined JigsawBox in June 2012 and in her own words "LOVES" being part of the JigsawBox Team. Sam is a real team player and gets stuck in to any task that comes her way, and is a key role in the day to day running of JigsawBox. 80% eager, 10% Pinot Grigiot, 10% Rioja.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown Customer Relations

Jessica has over 15 years of experience in the executive administrative field. She is no stranger to assisting others with any quandary that comes her way. She lives each day to the fullest and finds joy in her two children and family. Jessica never ceases to leave a situation unfinished and puts her best foot forward for every client. She loves being a part of the JigsawBox team and begins each day excited to assist our global customers. 60% intrigued, 20% fitness fanatic, 20% foodie

Claralynn Schnell

Claralynn Schnell Customer Relations

Claralynn has over 12 years of experience in the work force. Most notably her 6 year tenure in the United States Army. She believes that when you work hard, you play even harder. Claralynn loves to spend her “spare” time with her two kids. She is a team player and loves being a part of a team that is constantly changing and evolving. Claralynn is really excited to be a part of the JigsawBox team and bring support to the US customers. 75% motivated, 10% driven, 5% funny, 10% Rum

The Story

JigsawBox is the creation of Nicola Bird.

With a background in Psychology and corporates, Nicola gave up all the big city razmatazz to train a coach after the birth of her second child in 2007.

JigsawBox was born in 2009 when she discovered that she had explained the same concept several times to her clients in the space of a week.

She found herself recording a short video to send around to all of them and then went out with her kids for the day. Meanwhile her clients watched her stuff.

Then inspiration struck: What if she could create a platform to deliver a series of videos or audios to her clients? To TEACH them rather than just coach them? To package up her expertise and sell more than her time?

And JigsawBox was born.

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