Could you do something more exciting than an e-book?

Ebooks are a great way to sell more than your time, and an established one.

You might have created one already, and if you take a look at your most successful competitors, you can bet they have got them too. So how can you use the content you’ve already created to really stand out from the crowd?

Why not take each chapter from your e-book (or that e-book you always thought you’d write!) and simply cut and paste it into JigsawBox, our online coaching platform.

Add a few images and some questions to each chapter and suddenly you’ve moved from having a great e-book (or e-book idea) to having an interactive online coaching product and a great passive income stream with very little effort!

Offer some clients additional 1:1 online or telephone coaching sessions to supplement the work they’re doing and you can create a number of products all around your one set of content.

Now take another look at your competitors – who is doing that?

Keeping one step ahead can’t be a bad idea at this time, and if you’ve already got the content, why not use it to offer your clients innovative solutions?


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