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“Why Over 800 Coaches Now Use JigsawBox To Get More Clients, Scale Up And Create Online Programs That Make Money Even While They Sleep!

Over 105,400 Coaches and Clients Trust JigsawBox

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It’s true. Over 800 coaches from around the world now use JigsawBox to grow their coaching business. And as of last count,  our coaches have over 105,400 clients on JigsawBox.

That’s a lot of clients. These are clients who trust JigsawBox to help them grow, heal, transform or however you -- as a coach -- help others.

Best part is -- these coaches are using our “Online Coaching Platform” to get more clients, scale up and make more money... even when they’re not physically present!

These are coaches who have “figured it out” and are now enjoying more time with their children, loved ones and family.

  • They are changing more lives and impacting the world with less effort.
  • They are going to their kids’ school plays, sports days and afterschool lessons.
  • They are traveling the globe, taking up hobbies and pursuing other passions.

...All with a thriving coaching business that pays their bills and more. (Much more)!

Here’s the truth. If you’re currently...

  • Struggling with your coaching business and can’t seem to make decent money from it...
  • Frustrated with your limitations even though you know for a fact you were put on this planet to serve and help more people...
  • Tired of having your loved ones and friends ask “how’s your business?”... or worse, tell you to “go get a real job”...
  • Have trouble asking clients to pay what you’re worth, even though you’re giving them advice that will change their lives...
  • Sometimes secretly wonder if you’re really “cut out” to be the coach you were meant to be...

JigsawBox was made for you in mind -- to help you grow your business, get more clients and start making real money.

Buy NowOnly $67 a month for as many clients as you like!

So, What Is JigsawBox Exactly?

What is JigsawBox exactly, what does it do and... how does it help you grow your coaching business to the point where you don’t even have to be there to generate income?

Well, to understand this, you need to realize that most coaches are stuck on the idea that coaching has to be via the telephone, face-to-face or over video chat. But JigsawBox helps you overcome that.


One way is through our proprietary “coach-client communication” portal. This lets you coach people (and keep excellent notes)... no matter where you and your client live. You can have clients around the world.... and coach them virtually.

(In a moment, I’ll tell you how written coaching actually beats “phone coaching” and “face-to-face sessions” hands down)....

Another is our “online coaching program platform” that lets you share your expertise (and make money) while you're out doing other things.

But the best part is -- you don’t have to handle any of the “techie” software stuff! Such as building a website to deliver your content, keeping detailed notes on virtual coaching sessions and dealing with updates, fixes and bugs.

JigsawBox takes care of all that for you.

In short -- JigsawBox does three things to help you grow your coaching business...

  • Turn your expertise into online coaching programs -- so you can make money while you sleep... and stop trading coaching “hours-for-dollars”, which lets you get new coaching clients, help more people and change lives.... even when you’re not there.
  • Help your clients get results faster, more effectively -- by organizing your coaching conversations with them in one central place, clients can quickly see their past sessions, current goals and challenges to focus on. Plus, you’ll discover the power of “written coaching” in a whole new way! (More later...)
  • Take care of the “techie” stuff so you can focus on what you do best -- coaches make money coaching, not dealing with software. You can forget all about it. Let us take care of that for you.

Let’s talk about these three benefits in detail:

How JigsawBox Grows Your Coaching Business -  Part 1:

Turn Your Coaching Expertise Into
Online Programs And Get More Clients...
Quickly And Easily

JigsawBox’s biggest feature is hosting your online coaching programs. Imagine this - instead of trading “hours for dollars” -- that is, only doing private one-on-one telephone and face-to-face coaching -- you put your expertise into 5 to 7 coaching modules. These modules would cover your “core teachings” -- the same material you go through with every client. This is work you do once and get paid for over and over again.

Now -- you may think you don’t have ‘core teachings’. That’s simply not true! Ask yourself this– have you found yourself repeating certain things over and over again to different clients? Maybe it’s a set of critical steps or process all your clients need to do in order to overcome their problems. Those are core teachings!

Another way to think of it – what would be the one book you’d recommend all your clients read who have similar problems? Now look at the chapter headings in that book. Those are the author’s ‘core teachings’. Couldn’t you do something similar to create YOUR online coaching program?

Think of it this way -- 50 - 70% of what you coach your clients on are nearly always the same, yes? Instead of repeating yourself in person, you get them to review that module first. Then -- you customize your coaching on the last 30%!

This would save you time, energy and effort! Plus -- you can take on more clients (making you more money)!

JigsawBox was designed for this. And here’s the best part -- you can set up JigsawBox to deliver your coaching modules however you like. You can deliver by “drip feeding” modules to your client every 2 weeks, 30 days or only when they complete the module they’re currently on! Or, if you want -- give them 100% access right away.

You can deliver group coaching content, build a membership site, or you can build full self-study programs. You choose how you want to set up your content and deliver it.

But the best part is the interactivity. JigsawBox is the ONLY coaching and training software available that lets you have private 1-on-1 coaching conversations with your clients inside the coaching module. Other similar programs like Wishlist for WordPress, Kajabi and aMember only allows you to have “group conversations” where comments are seen by everybody.

Having the choice between “group discussions” and “1-on-1 private conversations” is very important to coaches like you and me -- but no other software does it! Let’s face it, it’s one thing to have “community”...(and JigsawBox does have that too) but when it gets down to our deepest, and most private challenges, we want to have the option to chat confidentially and one-to-one with our coach. JigsawBox lets you do that.

    Plus, loading up your content is easy. Whether you have coaching programs in PDF, audio or video format... JigsawBox can handle it. In fact, if you already have coaching programs now -- you can be selling your online course in as little as TWO hours from now!

    And finally getting paid is easy. JigsawBox integrates with PayPal and is compatible with most other shopping cart systems.

    But here’s the best part -- You can add as many online coaching programs as you like! Unlike other software systems that restrict the number of programs you can upload before they charge you more money... JigsawBox gives you free rein to upload as many coaching programs as you like. You can have your entire curriculum of coaching training without paying a single cent more!

    And even better -- your clients can quickly see what programs they’ve bought inside their personal JigsawBox login.

    Buy NowOnly $67 a month for as many clients as you like!

    How JigsawBox Grows Your Coaching Business - Part 2:

    JigsawBox Helps You Get Results Faster
    And More Effectively With Coaching Clients

    Let’s face it. Coaching face-to-face, on the telephone or over email gets disorganized very quickly. You end up with notes, email threads and call recordings all over the place. If you want to look something up you talked about a month ago... (or even a year ago), you have to hunt for it.

    What’s more -- email can be unreliable. Imagine what would happen if a highly intimate and confidential message got accidentally forwarded to the wrong address? (It happens more often than you think!)

    With JigsawBox, your client logs into the coach-client portal. All your communications are kept in an organized manner in one place. Both coaching clients and you can look at past communications quickly -- to see what progress has been made, what fell off the wagon and what areas to focus on.

    But what’s most important about all this is...

    It gives your clients a “place to go” to do their coaching – outside of their inbox which is full of distraction and everyday life. Seeing your written coaching conversations all in one place is powerful. Everything is there. You can skim past notes. You can print out old conversations. You can refer to things a client said months ago.

    The truth is -- organized written and documented coaching is the most effective form of long-term coaching in my opinion. While telephone and face-to-face coaching gives the client an intense, immersive experience...

    Written coaching means:

    • Your client has to think clearly, thoroughly and slowly when writing down their thoughts... instead of rambling on the phone or face-t0-face.
    • Everything is recorded and documented... so you can remind your client about their goals and intentions. You can “call them out” when they contradict themselves. You can hold them accountable to what they wrote down.
    • All their goals are WRITTEN DOWN -- and as we all know, that’s the key difference between successful people and everyone else!
    • You can quickly go back and find all your successes with your client. Clients can forget how far along they’ve come. This help you with giving them the “pick-me-up” they need when they hit that ‘coaching plateau’ we know all clients go through.

    In short --

    This means your coaching clients get results faster and more effectively. And that’s our job as coaches, isn’t it? Helping our clients face their issues head on and get results? JigsawBox helps you with that.

    Buy NowOnly $67 a month for as many clients as you like!

    How JigsawBox Grows Your Coaching Business - Part 3:

    Leave All The “Techie Stuff” To Us So You Can Focus On What You Do Best: Coaching

    Listen -- there’s nothing more annoying than having to constantly update your software -- especially if it’s something your business depends on. (Just think about all those apps you have to update every single week on your phone)!

    And what’s more -- software updates are a pain for most business software. That’s why we chose to host JigsawBox in the cloud. Whenever we fix a bug, make an update or add a new feature -- it will automatically show up for you. No mess. No fuss.

    Even better -- if you want to update your coaching programs for your clients, it’s a simple click of a button too.

    JigsawBox is designed by coaches for coaches... and coaches aren’t techies. We’re good at breaking down human limitations and installing new beliefs, values and motivation. Not software, servers and code.

    In short -- there are no complicated setups. No incompatible plugins and themes. No downtime and wasted time for updates. It’s as easy as following the step-by-step “what button to press where” tutorials we have inside JigsawBox. We want you to be up and running in minutes... not hours or days.

    JigsawBox is here to save you time. We want you to focus on what you do best.

    Is JigsawBox For You?

    • If you’re a coach just starting out... JigsawBox can give you the professional software you need to get more clients... and higher paying clients, too!
    • If you’re an established coach... JigsawBox helps you organize your time, energy and focus better. Instead of phone calls and face-to-face coaching sessions... you can deliver virtual coaching anywhere in the world, anytime, and anywhere there’s an internet connection. And even where there isn’t... because remember you can be holidaying in Timbuktu and your clients can STILL login and get access to your expertise!
    • If you’re at full capacity as a coach... JigsawBox is a platform for you to build, create and host your online coaching programs. JigsawBox helps you sell your expertise without you being physically present! That means you have more time to do that other stuff that’s important in your life. And it’s scalable which means you can help more people... and making a bigger dent in the universe!
    • If you’re a coach who’s a little disorganized... JigsawBox helps you consolidate your coaching session notes, communications and conversations into one place. This allows you to find notes and coach your clients more effectively... helping them get results faster!

    Who Uses JigsawBox?

    What kind of coaches are JigsawBoxers? Well, with 1,006 coaches inside JigsawBox, they run the entire gamut...

    • Executive Coach
    • Sales Coach
    • Parenting Coach
    • NLP Coach
    • Personal Trainers
    • Fitness Coach
    • Nutrition Coach
    • Life Coach
    • Cake Baking Coach
    • Business Coach
    • Leadership Coach

    Here’s what some of them have said about being JigsawBoxers...

    "I got to know JigsawBox for two different reasons. First, I was looking for a program to recommend to my customers, who were creating coaching clubs and other types of membership-based programs. A powerful combination of both, teaching and coaching, was exactly what my customers needed. Nicola being a coach was extremely helpful, because she knows the business of coaching like no other software developer! I was quickly sold and began recommending JigsawBox to my Recurring Revenue Revolution attendees and my private clients, and constantly get feedback from them about how much they love it! But my biggest surprise came a year later, when I decided to start my own online training academy. I went through about two dozen different membership software programs, course management systems, and learning management systems. I found most of them to be either lacking the features I was looking for or so complex that it took me hours to figure out how to create my first lesson! So I went back to JigsawBox and realized that not only was it extremely simple and intuitive to use, but it had all the features I needed to give my online training academy the structure and the flexibility I was looking for! JigsawBox seemed almost too simple of a solution, but it's exactly what any online entrepreneur needs to create self-coaching packages, training courses, or even an entire online academy just like what I am using it for! So glad Nicola created this program! Nothing else compares on the market!" Milana Leshinsky
    Author of Coaching Millions, Creator of Recurring Revenue Revolution
    "I've been using Jigsaw Box for the delivery of my Fill Your Stadium program and have to say that I LOVE the ease of it! Even though this is a 'live' program that we are creating as we go, I can use the forum, upload the bonuses and even upload the replay audios and handouts at the end of each session. Genius! Very intuitive! Thanks for a great tool! I'm hooked!" Carrie Wilkerson
    The Barefoot Executive

    Are you ready to see what JigsawBox has to offer you?

    Buy NowOnly $67 a month for as many clients as you like!

    Here’s What You Get When You
    Become A JigsawBoxer Today

    When you join JigsawBox today, you get instant access, full function and every feature included in JigsawBox. We want you to get in there, try it and use it... and see results in your coaching business ASAP. So here’s what you get when you try JigsawBox...

    Instant access to the client-coach conversation portal.

    This is where you have confidential, private 1-on-1 time with your clients. It keeps everything neatly organized so you never have to hunt through emails, call notes and pieces of paper again.

    Quickly create client intake and accountability modules.

    We know how much “paperwork” there is to set up when you get a new client. So why don’t you let JigsawBox take care of it faster for you? We’ll show you how.

    Full function of the online coaching program system.

    Do you have an idea for your very own coaching program? If so, you can set it up right away. But if not, don’t worry — we’ll give you dozens of examples of how other coaches stopped selling their time for money… and training on how to do it yourself!

    Video Demonstration of JigsawBox’s features.

    You’ll get access to “what button to press where” video tutorials showing you exactly how JigsawBox works in simple steps… And how it can help grow your coaching business.

    Monthly “Coaching Success Clinic”.

    Each month, you can join us on our virtual group conference call to talk about new and different ways to use JigsawBox to grow your coaching business however you want. Ask any questions you have — we’re here to help!

    "Whooo Hoooo!!! I love JigsawBox!!! Our brand new Relationship Transformation Quick Start Program already has over 60 people registered in just a couple of days...and we haven't even advertised it yet!!!! I love that all I need to do is get on the phone for weekly teleseminars and thanks to JigsawBox it's an ONLINE PROGRAM that will then become an evergreen KEY piece of our funnel!!! It changes everything and lets us truly serve our audience by giving them an option to get to know us, experience quick results, see the shift in their relationship and bring more love and passion into their lives in just 8 weeks!!! That progress gives them the infused energy to do what they need to do to create the magnificent love affair that they truly want!!! All from a Quick Start program that is just $197!!!!! (thanks to JigsawBox)!!!! SO EXCITED!" Stacey Martino
    The Love & Passion Coach

    What Happens To Your Coaching
    Business When You Use JigsawBox

    We’ve talked a lot about what JigsawBox is, how it works and how easy it is. But let’s recap all the side benefits that start to happen in your coaching business. Because when you have JigsawBox as your platform for working with clients...

    • Become more credible and professional. JigsawBox makes your coaching business look good with its software. You can brand the software with your own colors and logo.
    • Build new levels of trust with clients. Because your coaching conversations are organized... and on a safe, secure server of the highest level (the same ones banks use), your clients will feel safe sharing their deepest issues and challenges with you online. You and I both know as coaches -- the deeper the honesty, the better work we can do... which leads to stronger results and happier clients. It’s a ripple effect.
    • Get more leads, referrals and word-of-mouth. Your clients will love how you have your coaching business set up inside JigsawBox and tell their friends, family, partners, colleagues and network about you. In fact, we’ll give you proven email templates that have generated thousands of new clients and referrals!
    • Enroll new coaching clients 24/7. Once you’ve created and uploaded your coaching programs into JigsawBox, you will have a system that attracts new clients for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week... while you’re spending time with your kids, traveling or simply out and about! Hang on. STOP. Read that sentence again….and just imagine what this would mean to you.
    • Get media attention, build a following and get even more leads! The thing with online coaching programs, training and eBooks is this: If it’s good, people will talk about it and you’ll get more leads. Just look at how David Key, a JigsawBoxer leveraged our software to get 6,000+ clients!
    Buy NowOnly $67 a month for as many clients as you like!
    "Before I came across JigsawBox I was selling my time for money in a traditional way as an NLP Trainer. I hadn't taken a holiday in 6 years and had pretty much hit a ceiling on my income. Fast forward from 2012 and I now have over 8000 paying clients across the globe from 26 countries who are able to access my help and training via JigsawBox, my income has grown to a point whereby I can now grow our business by investing in staff, technology and now have the time to develop more courses and start new hobbies. The income we receive just from online courses meant that we didnt even have to work for 2 months in July and August and and I've just taken an 8 week holiday visiting Rome and The Canaries and taken quality time out with my children...they're loving having their Dad around more... If you're still selling only your time, I couldn't recommend JigsawBox highly enough as the vehicle that has allowed me to reach so many people and free up my own time at the same time." David Key
    NLP Trainer
    • Increase your private 1-on-1 coaching fees. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand. By getting increased exposure with your coaching program, you will attract more leads who want to work with you. Your fees will naturally rise.
    • Grow your business and build your brand. Here’s the best part. Products simply help you grow your business exponentially. You develop a brand and more and more people seek you out instead of you chasing after leads. Your coaching business grows naturally.
    • And most important of all, make money while you sleep. An online program sells itself whether you’re there or not. That’s the beauty of putting your expertise into an online coaching program. You are selling your expertise even when you’re not there so that you can... go to your children’s school plays, watch their sport games, read books, take up a hobby... OR -- grow your coaching business bigger. You’re in control of it all with JigsawBox.

    But Seriously...
    Here’s What REALLY Happens
    When You Become A JigsawBoxer...


    You end up helping more people in less time... having a bigger impact on the world... and changing more lives for the better!


    Your friends and family will finally stop asking when you’re going to get a “real job” like everyone else.


    You’ll have more free time to spend with your family, travel the world or swim with the dolphins if you want... because that’s what happens when you get paid even if you’re not there! Believe me, I’ve personally done all of these while still bringing in new clients.

    But that’s not all -- we want you to be completely satisfied with JigsawBox. We don’t want you to risk time, money or energy. That’s why you get our...


    100% Risk-Free Guarantee

    You’ll get instant full access to JigsawBox to try everything out. And if If you cancel within 30 days and you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked. Try JigsawBox out 100% risk-free!

    Buy NowOnly $67 a month for as many clients as you like!
    "After meeting Nicola at an event and hearing her presentation about JigsawBox, a big lightbulb went off for me about how I could transform my business. I was in the midst of creating my first online group coaching program, but had no idea how I could deliver it. Jigsaw Box made it so easy! I’ve created 5 group coaching programs with Jigsaw Box, resulting in hundreds of new clients. I can drip the content on participants or deliver it all at once, and clients love the convenience of having everything in one easy to access place. I also use JigsawBox with my private coaching clients. If a client needs a training on a specific topic, I just drag and drop that module into their coaching package. Done! I can also share documents, upload videos, and even coach my clients online with a few easy clicks. If you want to multiply your impact and your income, JigsawBox is an essential tool to have in your business." Cindy Schulson
    Founder of Attract Your Niche

    Test-Drive JigsawBox Today!

    Why don’t you give JigsawBox a try? If you decide it’s not for you, simply write, call or live chat with us to cancel.

    Try JigsawBox out risk-free!

    Buy Now Only $67 a month for as many clients as you like!

    In Your Corner,

    Nicola Bird, Coach, Trainer and Founder & CEO of JigsawBox Ltd.

    P.S. Still have questions? Here are some common ones other coaches asked before before they invested in JigsawBox to grow their business...

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long are your contracts? As short or as long as you’d like! There are no long-term contracts or commitments. You can use JigsawBox as long as you want, or cancel anytime.

    If I have questions about JigsawBox, is there someone I can talk to? Absolutely! We have tons of support and help. After all, our success depends on you being successful as a coach using our software! There are five (yes, five) ways to reach out to us...

    1. We have live chat and email support Mondays to Fridays.
    2. We also have a customer service portal here:
    3. What’s more, we have a little question mark with a link to the relevant support topic next to every piece of functionality in the software.
    4. PLUS -- we host a monthly “JigsawBox Success Clinic” to answer questions and show you how to make more money as a coach.
    5. And that’s not all! There’s a vibrant JigsawBox community so you can ask other coaches for help if you want. Many have broken free of trading time for money and are happy to share their experience! We’re here to help!

    Isn’t JigsawBox just like other membership sites? (e.g. Wishlist, aMember or Kajabi) Simple. If you want bells and whistles, APIs or customized integrations JSB is not for you. If you have no idea what I just said (!!) and want simple, easy to use software then you’re in the right place. Remember -- JigsawBox was built by experienced coaches who run successful coaching businesses. It’s built specifically for the best coaching experience -- for coaches and their clients.

    Is JigsawBox only good for ongoing coaching programs and membership sites? No, not at all. That’s just ONE way of using JigsawBox. You can also have one-payment coaching programs... live event training... and best of all, private one-on-one conversations with your clients. And -- remember, you can have as many programs as you want.

    Wait -- Did I read that right? I can load up as many online coaching programs as I want? Yes! Unlike others, who charge you more money when you have more than one online program -- you can have as many as you like. You can have your entire curriculum in JigsawBox. The best part is -- it’s all integrated. That means your client logs in the same way and sees all their available coaching programs in one place. That means they have one login for all your coaching programs... which means less headache for password recovery and customer support!

    How secure is JigsawBox? I have a high degree of standards when it comes to client-confidentiality! It’s VERY secure. We know how important client-confidentiality is too! JigsawBox uses the highest level of security. The same kind banks use to encrypt your data whenever you do online banking.

    Does JigsawBox go down for maintenance, crash due to overload or anything like that? I’d hate for my clients to not be able to log in. No worries. JigsawBox was built with a cutting edge software platform that ensures maximum uptime of the service. We do not have "scheduled downtime" and can upgrade our software without disruption.

    I like this software. Can I host JigsawBox on my server instead? I’m glad you like what you see. However, JigsawBox is a hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. We do this because we understand most coaches are not techies. We know the mere thought of “uploading databases to your mySQL” causes most coaches to break out in hives! So SaaS means we look after all the hosting and maintenance for you. And instead of upgrading your software all the time whenever we kill a bug, make an update or add new features... we made JigsawBox a SaaS. That way, we can push changes to ALL JigsawBox users at the same time and let you focus on what you do best: coaching people and changing the world. And don’t worry, your data is 100% secure with us and you can export your client details anytime you like.

    Does JigsawBox own the coaching programs I put on the site? Absolutely not!!! Any content (including users and client communications) you put on the site remains 100% owned by you. JigsawBox does not have permission to use that content (or contact your clients) for any reason. JigsawBox is simply a tool (and software) for you to deliver your content and interact with your clients all in a clean, organized fashion. Plus, remember, you can have your own branding and logo. This software is here to serve you.

    Is it easy to use video with JigsawBox? Yes, it’s easy! All you have to do is copy and paste your video’s embed code from YouTube, AmazonS3, Vimeo or any other video hosting technology. And if you don’t know how to do that, we have very simple step-by-step instructions showing you how.

    If I don’t like JigsawBox, can I cancel? Yes, of course.. Simply go to the My Account page inside your JigsawBox and click ‘cancel account’ and follow the simple instructions.

    If I cancel my JigsawBox service, do I lose all my data (my programs, courses and client communications)? As with most software-as-a-service platforms, when you cancel your account, all your private data will be inaccessible to you and your clients. But don’t worry, we have all your data, programs and client-conversations backed up and archived (we don’t delete anything)... so when you come back in the future, it will all be waiting for you.

    Try JigsawBox out risk-free!

    Buy Now Only $67 a month for as many clients as you like!
    "I’ve been using JigsawBox for a while now - it’s played a major part in shaping my new business. I’d realised through my own experience of being overweight in my previous career, that many people struggle with weight and associated health problems.

    As a weight loss coach and registered dietitian I’m now using JigsawBox as the main delivery platform for a new and revolutionary concept in weight management! I'm helping busy business owners and professionals get lasting weight loss results, and avoid the associated health risks such as heart attacks and diabetes.

    But more than that I'm creating a community and providing valuable health advice at the same time. I can provide online and instant support and accountability which is vital in weight management and so much more easily with JigsawBox. It’s great for busy professionals, managers and business owners who need quick access to information and advice so that they can get the weight loss results and health improvements that are so important to them. What’s even better is that my programme can be accessed anywhere, anytime!

    I’m celebrating using JigsawBox and launching my new business with a free webinar:

    "Live Long and Prosper! - Avoid 3 massive mistakes that keep busy business owners overweight and at massive risk of a heart attack"

    There are so many possibilities with JigsawBox and I just love it's flexibility and the ease of access for people all over the planet!" Andrew Wilson
    Health & Weight Loss Coach - Nutrition Consultant - Registered Dietitian
    "Sign2Music promotes the use of signing to support communication, bonding and development in babies and children. Sign2Music delivers fun sessions for babies and toddlers, using music, signing, puppets and fun activities. We also deliver session in schools, nurseries and playgroups as well as training for staff in these settings. JigsawBox initially seemed to me to be something that applied only to coaches, but I soon saw how it could help my business. Sign2Music is a local N Ireland based business with a small number of franchisees. However, we do not cover all of N Ireland, never mind anywhere else? I get so many queries from other areas that I cannot fulfill so have launched a Baby Signing Online with Sign2Music via JigsawBox, so parents and carers can learn to sign at home with their babies, even if there are no classes nearby! I have also developed a shorter, free starter package, which gives a taster and builds my list. I plan to use Jigsawbox to deliver part of my teacher training, saving me time. There are so many opportunities for me to use Jigsawbox to deliver programmes and I am really excited about how it will enhance my business!" Deidre McLaughlin
    Founder of Sign To Music
    Buy Now Only $67 a month for as many clients as you like!

    * Plus VAT if you're in the UK or EU