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Nicola Bird

With her MSc in Occupational Psychology and a diverse range of business experience, Nicola is a qualified coach, NLP Practioner, experienced trainer and the creator of JigsawBox.

Nicola specializes in teaching coaches how to create and sell ways to sell more than their 1:1 time. She created JigsawBox as a way for her clients to access her expertise in a flexible and affordable way, whilst leaving her free to concentrate on growing her business and spending time with her three young children. Now she helps other coaches to do the same.

60% ideas, 20% mentor, 12% tech-geek, 8% Sauvignon Blanc.

Sam Trim

Sam has over 15 years of Customer Service Experience. 

She quit the rat race in 2010 to go travelling around the world with her husband. 

On her return, Sam joined JigsawBox in June 2012 and in her own words "LOVES" being part of the JigsawBox Team.

Sam is a real team player and gets stuck in to any task that comes her way, and is a key role in the day to day running of JigsawBox.

80% eager, 10% Pinot Grigiot, 10% Rioja.

Claralynn Schnell

Claralynn has over 12 years of experience in the work force.  Most notably her 6 year tenure in the United States Army.

She believes that when you work hard, you play even harder.  Claralynn loves to spend her “spare” time with her two kids.

She is a team player and loves being a part of a team that is constantly changing and evolving.  Claralynn is really excited to be a part of the JigsawBox team and bring support to the US customers.

75% motivated, 10% driven, 5% funny, 10% Rum

Jessica Brown

Jessica's passion in both her personal and professional life is serving others.

She will never hesitate to take time out of each busy day to do something to make another smile.

According to Jessica, joining JigsawBox is "like having another tight-knit family!"

She loves being part of a wonderful team who work together to help the world's most influential achievers.

70% dedicated, 20% knowledge sponge, 10% wannabe fitness fanatic



Yvette Nevrkla

Yvette has a background in business and programme development based in the Health and fitness
industry and is a qualified coach with over 6 years experience running her own successful coaching
business. She specialises in helping coaches and trainers to lay rock solid foundations for the
business they really want and to successfully deliver 1-1 and beyond.

Yvette has used Jigsawbox for several years and it has been a key tool enabling her to reach and
work with more clients and to deliver her system in ways that are flexible and require less of her time so that she can spend more time at home with her two children.

50% Mum 30% Coach & mentor 15% Ideas and Initiatives 5% tea (Decaf)

Katy Caroan

Katy is currently one of our JigsawBox Success Coaches

After more than 18 years within international consultancy companies such as Accenture and IBM, Katy has gained significant experience from consulting and coaching external as well as internal clients. As self-employed, Katy now specializes in technology-enabled coaching.

Katy holds a BA & MSc in Economics & Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Economics & Business Administration in Bergen. She holds licenses in tools such as "Extended D.I.S.C" as well as "You-A Brand".

35% coach, 35% player, 25% social media, 5% single malt

Ben Rometsch

Ben Rometsch

Ben has worked within the field web development for over 10 years. Having completed a degree in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, and an MSc in Cognitive science, Ben worked for a number of consultancies and web agencies before joining Matt Evans and forming Solid State Group, working in partnership with JigsawBox.

98% Budvar, 2% web development

Matt Evans

Matt Evans

Matthew’s career started with 3 years in PA Consulting group in London as a technical consultant working for clients such as BBC, Natwest and the LCH. He then moved to Internet incubator Esouk as their sole Technical Architect where he built the platforms for six commercial businesses.

When the original .com bubble burst, Matthew moved to the Digitas Europe as an Associate Director of Technology. He created digital strategies for Kingfisher (Woolworths, B&Q, Superdrug), American Express, Ericsson and other blue chip companies.

In 2002 Matthew founded Solid State Group with Ben and joined the Jigsawbox team in 2009. He has been instrumental in the overall architecture, design and usability of the system. He’s your man for any technical questions or feedback you might have about the service.

55% Tech Geek, 22% Sailing, 23% Rioja

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