4 Reasons Why Fear IS Good

The Cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” – Joseph Campbell

You will find lots of reasons to be fearful nowadays, from what is going on in the world around us to worries and fears at home.

However, this article is not about what you should be afraid of but suggesting that fear is a good thing and used as a tool to keep you moving forward towards a better life, because then it will become your friend, not your enemy.

Fear is a sign you are doing something Brilliant!

Have you ever written a bucket list? If you have I bet you’ve put something mad in their like ‘sky dive’ or ‘bungee jump from Sydney Harbour Bridge’ or something equally as wacky! Why is that do you think? It’s because something as scary as that will make you feel that life is amazing. It’s those stories that push you into the unknown which then brings about possibilities.

Nothing truly great has happened without facing your fear first. If you look at successful entrepreneurs or Olympic athlete’s am pretty sure they’ve experience plenty of fearful feelings, anxiety and stress before achieving what they set out to achieve. That is what makes them great because they do something worthy of fear.

Fear is the foundation of Possibility

If you have a dream I suspect it is a little scary. Whether it is living abroad, starting your own business or running your first marathon. However, when you feel the fear of actually going for that dream you actually get the overwhelming reality of realizing that dream. There is unlimited possibility in what follows fear that although you want it can make you pretty petrified once it’s there.

Fear gets you Moving

Imagine for example you see a family member getting attacked or something equally as frightening you don’t just sit back do you? You move into action even if you feel scared, but the fear drives you forward because you are more fearful of what will happen to your family member than you are for yourself.

This is the same for anything. Each of us has something great inside us to be someone more powerful than we could ever imagine. However some of us forget that we have control over our lives and that it’s there for the taking. Fear changes that and is the push that forces you to change and make something good out of it.

Fear equals Freedom

Fear ensures you stay in the moment. It doesn’t live in the past or present it banishes all that and pushes you forward. Fear brings with it excitement and power. Even just for a few minutes as you jump or leap from a plane you become immortal which is the best feeling in the world. Without time you have more freedom than you could ever imagine.

Fear can be very powerful if used in the right way. So what are you afraid of today?

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Paula Lawes4 Reasons Why Fear IS Good

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