Are you a Sayer or a Doer?

We all have dreams, dreams to be an entrepreneur perhaps or a dream to live on your own terms and earn money whilst doing just that!

In life there are two kinds of people.

  • The Sayers are the ones who talk about one they are going to do but never actually do anything about it.
  • The Doer’s are the ones who usually don’t talk about what they are going to do before they start taking action.

The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Do you have a dream?
  • What is preventing you from achieving that dream?  Is it fear? Is it worrying what others might say?
  • If you have a barrier stopping you like money, or time – is this really something that can physically stop you from achieving what you want?

From answering these questions you’ll usually come to the conclusion that the only barrier is YOU and these other barriers are just put there as an excuse to slow you down.  They are all in your head!

So we thought we’d put some tips together on getting yourself out there and beginning today.

Firstly figure out what you want to achieve now; small achievable goals rather than the long term ones.  Try not to put too much emphasis on the finished product as long as you are making a start on something that is what counts.

Stop the blaming or moaning about what you haven’t got.  You’ll waste precious time in doing this and if you put some of that effort into something good and tangible you will see better results!

If something is frustrating you, use it to propel you forwards instead of backwards.  If you are weak then you will stay stuck however if you are strong and can push through these, it will keep you in good stead for the future.

Get Going Now Checklist

Have Passion – If you don’t have this in what you are trying to achieve or do you won’t get very far – have you ever noticed that when you aren’t enjoying something you stay stuck and procrastinate?

Be Positive & Have a Laugh – Both highly important to keep you motivated and inspired.

Keep Company with other Doers- These people are important, surround yourself with them; create a mastermind group if you have to. As long as you all believe in each other and have the same positive outlook.

An Inspiration Mentor – This doesn’t have to be someone who is actually physically in your life but definitely someone who has achieved against all odds – this will motivate you when the chips are down to keep moving.

Keep Learning – Learning is a real motivator, if you aren’t continually learning new things then your brain starts to disengage and then the motivation starts to wither.  It will also help with your confidence too.

Keep Smiling – You will be surprised how good this will make you feel.

Keep Focused – Remind yourself daily why you are doing this – write it down if you have to!

Keep at it!

Remember this dream is yours and yours alone, only you are the one who can make it happen.

We are right behind you!

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Paula LawesAre you a Sayer or a Doer?

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