Are You Getting In The Way Of Your JigsawBox

Maybe you watched the JigsawBox Webinar, or maybe you heard about us from a friend.

For whatever reason, JigsawBox captured your attention and maybe you got inspired and excited about the possibilities for your coaching business.

So you signed up, brainstormed some brilliant ideas then……..nothing…………it’s like tumbleweed inside your JigsawBox.

You’re not alone – it does happen to some of our JigsawBoxers who start out with the best of intentions.

Here’s WHY it happens.

Something, you’re not really sure what, led you to JigsawBox.

We  often hear from our users that they ‘stumbled across’ us, or we ‘arrived in their inbox just at the perfect moment.’

That’s not an accident you know….

Then something comes through you, a wave of new ideas, a whole different way of doing your business.

That’s not an accident either.

But then you get to thinking.

“How do I create an audio?”

“I think I should be doing video but it’s too overwhelming.”

“How will my clients benefit to the same degree from an online training, rather than seeing me in person?”

“Don’t I need an autoresponder/ to improve my website/ get a huge mailing list first?”

And you get stopped in your tracks. You get in the way of your JigsawBox.

The truth is, before all that noisy thinking kicked off, you KNEW the next step to take.

That might have been to upload your logo. It might have been to map out some ideas for modules. It might have been to write three paragraphs of content. It might have been to watch some of our case studies.

It would have been your perfect next step.

And that’s all you needed until suddenly you thought you needed more than that.

And then you got in the way of your JigsawBox.

We all do it all the time.

We get inspired, we start to follow that inspiration, then self-doubt kicks in.

What if you just ignored yourself when the second part of that sentence happened?

Personally I’m trying that out for myself right now, following my inspiration and getting out of the way of ALL of your JigsawBoxes.

Want to join me and experiment with getting out of the way of yours for a bit?


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NicolaAre You Getting In The Way Of Your JigsawBox

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