How Is It For YOU?

Hey there and welcome to this weeks JigsawBox Review!

This week we are delighted to welcome Sherri Mulconry and Deidre McLaughlin.

Sherri and Deidre are a couple of very talented ladies who are fairly new to JigsawBox, however they are overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm that we just had to share!



Sherri Mulconry

“My business is Life Makeovers and I discovered and joined JigsawBox in early March this year. I have just completed a 7 module program to use with my 1 to 1 clients which they are loving. I have also successfully negotiated an offer with Living Social to promote my 7 Steps to Weight Loss Mind-Set Change program.

Last week I was approached by a local organisation to run a training course for them next week. I quickly put together a pre-course module for them to complete prior to our training day and sent them the link. This will enable me to learn more about them and tailor the training day so I will cover and meet their priority needs. It will also allow the participants time to reflect and identify what they want to achieve from the day and to all be in the same mind-set when we start.

I have so many ideas and plans as to how I will continue to use Jigsaw Box. Although I have only been using Jigsaw Box for a short time I can already see the huge potential. It is so easy to use! I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across Jigsaw Box – it is exactly what I need for my online coaching and programs”

Sherri Mulconry is the founder and director of Life Makeovers. Sherri provides programs that combine hypnotherapy, coaching and counseling to create fast, effective change and has helped thousands of people to reach their goals and change their life. Sherri is a co-author of several books, featuring alongside international greats such as Deepak Chopra and Dr.Wayne Dywer.

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Deidre McLaughlin

“I am the Founder of Sign2Music which promotes the use of signing to support communication, bonding and development in babies and children.

Sign2Music delivers fun sessions for babies and toddlers, using music, signing, puppets and fun activities. We also deliver session in schools, nurseries and playgroups as well as training for staff in these settings.

Jigsawbox initially seemed to me to be something that applied only to coaches, but I soon saw how it could help my business.

Sign2Music is a local N Ireland based business with a small number of franchisees. However, we do not cover all of N Ireland, never mind anywhere else? I get so many queries from other areas that I cannot fulfil so have launched a Baby Signing Online with Sign2Music via JB, so parents and carers can learn to sign at home with their babies, even if there are no classes nearby! I have also developed a shorter, free starter package, which gives a taster and builds my list.

I plan to use Jigsawbox to deliver part of my teacher training, saving me time. I have not yet built my Signing 4 Childcare Programme, which is training for childcare staff online, but already have a number of customers ready to snap it up! There are so many opportunities for me to use Jigsawbox to deliver programmes and I am really excited about how it will enhance my business!”

As you can see both Sherri and Deidre’s products and businesses are unique which goes to show how versatile JigsawBox is!

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Paula LawesHow Is It For YOU?

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