JigsawBox Tip: Steps to Launching a Successful Free Trial

It just takes those first few seconds to know whether a product or package is for your client or not.

Normally, when someone decides to take that first ‘bite’ they usually go onto to buy other products from you.  Which is why a free taster trial of your product could be what stands between you and 100’s of clients flooding through your doors.

However, not only does this first ‘bite’ have to be truly magical you also need to ensure its presented correctly and that what follows after is just as irresistible.

So there are certain things that need to happen for it to work during and after the free trial and we thought we’d share these with you.

Be Prepared

Make sure potential clients can find your free trial.  You need to draw people to your site and you have got to have gripping story that quickly explains why your product will solve a prospective client’s problem.

One of the best ways of doing this is to provide testimonials of how you have helped others reach success in what you offer.

Encourage Actual Use of Your Product

This can sound obvious but there is a whole lot of difference between a client signing up for a free trial and them actually using it.

For the best results you need to make sure your free trial is as easy to use as possible whilst engaging them throughout the whole experience.  Help them to see from the very beginning that this is the product for them.

Also be sure to offer help were needed and be able to offer that help with a step by step guide, one to one coaching or your contact email address that gets responded to within a few hours.

How Long Should it be?

This is really down to the complexity of your product and offering.  There is no magic number that works best to be honest. But look at it from your client’s point of view, perhaps test it on a friend or colleague and see how interesting and easy it is to access and use.

You can then decide on the number of days this FREE trial can be held at.   Also consider that, say your customer came back to you to say that they have not had the time due to ‘issues’ at home, you should have a policy in place to cater for this as life can throw some curve balls when you least expect it.

Don’t Stop

Even if your customer decides to buy more from you, your job is still not yet done.  Your customer will still have some issues or questions from the free trial that you will need to deal with.  You need to keep offering guidance, assistance and advice until the very end.

The whole experience is what will be carried forward to another client from your last one, so make sure you make it a brilliant one!

How to Add a Free Trial in JigsawBox – The Techy Bit!

  • Log into your account at http://www.jigsawbox.com
  • Click on your “My Packages” tab.
  • Click on “Add a Package”.
  • On your package page, add both a title and a description that best suits your information.
  • Once finished, scroll down to the box entitled, “Trial Length” (in days) and add the amount of days you want your trial to be available. (If you want one week, at 7, for two weeks, add 14..etc). When you do this, PayPal will be updated with that trial length and then show the payment will be charged automatically on the day after the trial ends. If the client chooses to cancel, they must cancel before the end of the trial.
  • Finally, go to your “package modules” area on the bottom right and click each one to select how many days your modules will become available to that trial client. If you want them available immediately than you would select 0 days.

As always if you have any further questions or want any advice regarding the above do come speak to us on LiveChat or email us at support@jigsawbox.com

And if you’d like further information about JigsawBox to come and check us out here

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Paula LawesJigsawBox Tip: Steps to Launching a Successful Free Trial

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