JigsawBox Tip: Imagine JigsawBox as a Book

Today we want to show you another way to look at JigsawBox and what it can do for you.

We have a lot of queries come into Support to say “I love JigsawBox, but I don’t have any programs at the moment.  I only have my book.”

Well, you have a package right there!!

Take your book/ebook, and turn this into your program!  And it’s really simple to do.

Take each chapter of your book and turn it into a module.   That’s one package.  Price this at the same price as your E-Book.

Now for your VIP package…create a copy of the package you’ve just made.  Then, for each module (and based on the subject of the chapter) add in some questions and homework tasks for your client to complete.  Learn more about questions here.

Release each chapter on a weekly basis to give you client some time to complete their homework.

You can upload an audio version of each chapter to each module if you wish for those that prefer to listen rather than read.

Why not add a Forum, for all your clients to interact with each other? You can learn more about our forums here.

You can use this Package as a taster for your clients while you work on content for more packages.

You can price this package as a VIP package to take in consideration the extra questions, content, use of interactive Forum, and weather the client will be getting personal responses from you to the answers they submit.

So that’s 2 packages to start you off.

As always, check out our FORUM, or email us support@jigsawbox.com.

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Paula LawesJigsawBox Tip: Imagine JigsawBox as a Book

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