JigsawBox Tip: Organising Your Modules

In this week’s JigsawBox Tip we’d like to help you get the most from your modules and, more importantly, help you to organise them.

Reminders, Organization, Oh My!

We learned previously in another blog post that we can set our modules into a specific order.  If you don’t remember, here is a little glimpse…

•    Go to My Modules
•    At the very top of the page, you will see a button to Reorder Modules.
•    When you click this button, you will be taken to a new page where you can drag and drop your modules into any order you like.

But how can you easily drag and drop those modules into your packages in the exact order you wish?

When you have created your amazingly new package you will notice the Module Selection area, close to the bottom, containing each of your available modules.  Simply drag and drop into the Your Package’s modules area.  Want to reorder them?  Drag and drop again.

But wait, you can’t seem to get the exact placement. You have been fiddling with the order and it isn’t exactly what you want to achieve?

Sure you can. Follow these great insider tips.

1)    Click on the module you want to move under the Your Package’s modules area.  Begin to drag slowly to the spot you want it released.  Notice the green + symbol?  And the module above is underlined?  If you let go at that moment, that module will then exist as a sub-module under the underlined area.

2)    Now try it again, but this time notice the symbol with an arrow.  If you release it that module will be the ‘heading’ where you can place sub-modules under it.

For instance:  I  have 6 live modules that I would like to organize in a package, to be ordered as the following:

-Module 1
Module 2
-Module 3
Module 4
-Module 5
Module 6

To achieve Module 3 as its own header, I would click on Module 3 and drag under Module 1.  Once I see the symbol with the arrow pop up next to Module 3 I would release.

And to achieve the sub-modules I would click on say Module 6 and drop under Module 5 once I see that Module 5 is underlined and next to Module 6 is the green + symbol.

And so on until you have successfully ordered your modules to your exact preference.  Remember, you can reorder your live modules under the My Modules section. So if you find yourself utilizing the same order each time, you can save a step by simply organizing them first before adding to your package.

It all looks so complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it you will be a pro!

Good luck and enjoy creating!

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Paula LawesJigsawBox Tip: Organising Your Modules

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