JigsawBox catch-up with soul therapist Deborah Skye King

Hello JigsawBoxers, 

I recently had the pleasure to online-meet renowned soul therapist Deborah Skye King (soultherapyinternational.com) & discuss her experience of JigsawBox that she has been using for many years to teach her students. Deborah Skye is particularly drawn to the level of engagement achievable with all her students thanks to the comments and Q&A boxes available for each module on the platform.

“My students just love being informed when I’ve answered something so they don’t have to wait to see anything. They get it whenever I’ve answered. Again that really engages us and enables us to have conversations.” Deborah Skye King

“Jigsaw box is an exceptional platform to use. It’s very organized and you can see it all at once, all on one page. There’s no going into the back-end and finding files and folders to bring them out which other programs do. Everything is right in front of you. And it’s so important to have that level of organization in front of you especially when you have thousands of students.” Deborah Skye King

To watch the interview, please go this Vimeo link https://vimeo.com/225475054
Enjoy it!

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administratorJigsawBox catch-up with soul therapist Deborah Skye King

Catching up with expert business coach Ken Sturgeon

JigsawBox allows me and my clients to reach a much wider audience much more quickly. Has that produced additional revenue and business for me that I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise? Without question. Ken Sturgeon

Here is another short video interview with expert business coach and trainer Ken Sturgeon who recently let me pick his brains on his coaching & how JigsawBox has allowed him to reach a much wider audience over the years: https://vimeo.com/216709658/c6b86c42b4

I asked Ken if he had any words of advice to coaches unsure yet of which platform to use to deliver their training & content The simplicity and ease of use is what attracted me to JigsawBox. Many other systems in the world claim to be easy to work with and operate but the reality is that they’re not. Ken Sturgeon


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NicolaCatching up with expert business coach Ken Sturgeon

What we’re really up to at JigsawBox

When JigsawBox was first created, an alternative e-learning platform had been used, and it was then morphed into an online life coaching platform, but it was clunky and although it had some great templates, if you were a life coach, there was no way to easily create and upload your own content.

Then, Nicola Bird – the founder – minding her own business, watching TV and not thinking about her business at all had the the idea of ‘I could make what I need for myself’ coming into her head out of the blue.

A few emails later and the prototype for JigsawBox was born.

Initially she just used it just to work with her own clients online – she had moved to New Zealand at the time and it was extremely helpful to her cash flow to be able to continue coaching my clients online in the UK while she was in the opposite time zone.

But then she opened it up to other coaches, and more and more began to come on board to add their own content and start to expand their reach beyond the traditional 1:1 coaching model and start to impact many more clients.

Her inspiration became to help 1000 clients help 1000 clients each and so touch the lives of 1,000,000 people with JigsawBox.

Today JigsawBox now has hundreds of coaches, ranging from coaches who have 1 client to one coach who today has 40,000 and everywhere in between.

Three years ago, on a personal level, Nicola stumbled across a completely different way of coaching and working with people and as well as running JigsawBox, she’d been immersing herself in that understanding, and it shifted her inspiration for what JigsawBox has become.

Instead she decided JigsawBox should about helping as many coaches as possible impact their clients. That’s means JigsawBox wants to offer more than just an online platform.

Impact means two things:

  1. The number of clients each coach reaches. Yes, the JigsawBox team would love to help 1000 coaches reach 1000 clients each – and we’re changing what we do here at JigsawBox to try to help facilitate that as much as possible….. watch this space..
  2. The depth to which you impact each and every client you work with. We know you’ve all got your particular styles and ways you enjoy coaching your clients. We’ve learned some pretty cool things in the last few years about how to increase that impact even further to create profound transformational change, so we’ll be sharing that with you too. As coaches we’re always learning and want to get the best results with our clients, so our hope is that you find what we have to share with you on this helps too.

Warm regards,

The JigsawBox team.


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NicolaWhat we’re really up to at JigsawBox

To Do or Not To Do, That is the Question!

We’ve all been there, made excuse after excuse for reasons why we can’t do something or why a piece of work hasn’t been finished yet or let alone even started!

Perhaps some of you think you can only work well under pressure or maybe you can’t help but focus on the job in hand, which ends up making you panic, therefore preventing you from making progress.

This my friends is called Procrastination.   It can slow you down and even stop you from doing what you set out to do.  So how can we stop procrastination and set our sights on staying motivated?

Distraction Free

If you want to be the most productive in all areas of your life you have got to ensure you have a distraction free environment.   This will help your mind un-jumble itself and focus on the task in hand which in turn creates wonderful results.  Equalling a successful and happy you!

Do It NOW!

Do things now instead of just thinking about them.  It’s not until you start working on something you get into the flow and probably end up enjoying the process.  It becomes a lot easier and you’ll end up thinking ‘why did I worry about that project in the first place?’ a win, win all round!

Look After Yourself

This seems to come up time and time again when writing about success and getting you there in one piece.  But looking after yourself is important, a healthy mind and body is vital if you want to be and stay motivated.  So eat well, sleep well and get plenty of exercise.  They are all sources of food for the brain and the body.  You will also find yourself being a lot more active, a ready for anything attitude and feeling more optimistic.

Mix Things Up

There is nothing worse than doing the same mundane things day after day to really help with the procrastination, so why not mix up your projects or work load?   Leave something you love to do at the end of the day or part-way through so you can get what you ‘have’ to get done first.   This isn’t a free pass to do a bad job though,  it’s about giving yourself a good incentive to get it done!

Stay Positive

An obvious one but can get overlooked.  It’s really mind over matter on what you can achieve so if you stay focused and tuned in you will really see the time fly, so those important projects get done.  When you feel yourself going backwards  its a sign to take a  break, to  take a look at the project and do a task one at a time, it will seem a lot less daunting I promise you.

I know what you are thinking, easier said than done.  We’ve all got to ‘stuff’ we have to do, but its how you approach it that counts.  If you go into something thinking ‘oh no I’ve got to do that’ or ‘this is so hard’ then it will be!

So enough of the putting off and let’s start doing!

If you want to learn more about JigsawBox check us out here

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NicolaTo Do or Not To Do, That is the Question!