Cindy Schulson – founder of ‘Attract Your Niche’

After meeting Nicola at an event and hearing her presentation about JigsawBox, a big lightbulb went off for me about how I could transform my business. I was in the midst of creating my first online group coaching program, but had no idea how I could deliver it. Jigsaw Box made it so easy! I’ve created 5 group coaching programs with Jigsaw Box, resulting in hundreds of new clients. I can drip the content on participants or deliver it all at once, and clients love the convenience of having everything in one easy to access place. I also use JigsawBox with my private coaching clients. If a client needs a training on a specific topic, I just drag and drop that module into their coaching package. Done! I can also share documents, upload videos, and even coach my clients online with a few easy clicks. If you want to multiply your impact and your income, JigsawBox is an essential tool to have in your business.
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NicolaCindy Schulson – founder of ‘Attract Your Niche’