David Key – NLP & Three Principles Trainer

Before I came across JigsawBox I was selling my time for money in a traditional way as an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)Trainer. I hadn’t taken a holiday in 6 years and had pretty much hit a ceiling on my income. Fast forward from 2012 and I now have over 20,000 paying clients across the globe from 26 countries who are able to access my help and training via JigsawBox, my income has grown to a point whereby I can now grow our business by investing in staff, technology and now have the time to develop more courses and start new hobbies. The income we receive just from online courses meant that we didnt even have to work for 2 months in July and August and and I’ve just taken an 8 week holiday visiting Rome and The Canaries and taken quality time out with my children…they’re loving having their Dad around more… If you’re still selling only your time, I couldn’t recommend JigsawBox highly enough as the vehicle that has allowed me to reach so many people and free up my own time at the same time.
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NicolaDavid Key – NLP & Three Principles Trainer