Milana Leshinksy

I got to know JigsawBox for two different reasons. First, I was looking for a program to recommend to my customers, who were creating coaching clubs and other types of membership-based programs. A powerful combination of both, teaching and coaching, was exactly what my customers needed. Nicola being a coach was extremely helpful, because she knows the business of coaching like no other software developer! I was quickly sold and began recommending JigsawBox to my Recurring Revenue Revolution attendees and my private clients, and constantly get feedback from them about how much they love it! But my biggest surprise came a year later, when I decided to start my own online training academy. I went through about two dozen different membership software programs, course management systems, and learning management systems. I found most of them to be either lacking the features I was looking for or so complex that it took me hours to figure out how to create my first lesson! So I went back to JigsawBox and realized that not only was it extremely simple and intuitive to use, but it had all the features I needed to give my online training academy the structure and the flexibility I was looking for! JigsawBox seemed almost too simple of a solution, but it’s exactly what any online entrepreneur needs to create self-coaching packages, training courses, or even an entire online academy just like what I am using it for! So glad Nicola created this program! Nothing else compares on the market!
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