– Rita Jeffrey

“Coaching From the Inside Out wasn’t like any other course I’ve attended before. Michael sitting up front with two flipcharts, just talking. I think that over the course of the three days he only wrote a few words. He captured my attention from the moment he started sharing the concept of ‘Inside out’ coaching .I found that my sense of hearing and listening went through the roof. I was so in tune with everything that at times, I felt my body tingling with the experience. I can’t really tell you what I learned on the course, as to me it was more about having the experience. Have my coaching skills improved – without a doubt. The sessions I have carried out with clients since then have been more powerful and effective. It’s stretched them and me to a place I didn’t know was possible. I’ve even used it with my 13 year old son – who keeps asking me to do that ‘coaching’ stuff with him whenever he has a challenge. He then uses it on me which is very spooky at times. Knowing that I have all the resources inside me and can just allow my mind to find it when it’s ready is so freeing. Thank you Michael.“

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Nicola– Rita Jeffrey