Are You Ready To Be an Entrepreneur?

In today’s mind-set post we wanted to look at the personality of an entrepreneur and what deciding factors makes them successful, you’ll be surprised that the business ‘idea’ is not one of them!


According to Peter Relan founder of YouWeb Incubator “there is distinct difference between an inventor and an entrepreneur”, he says.  There is a difference between intelligence and entrepreneurial intelligence. An inventor isn’t interested in the commercial aspects of the business.  However, a salesman might not be the right fit either. “There has to be a balance of the two”.


“A relentless passion to solve problems” the kind of attitude that Relan believes aspiring entrepreneurs have.  He also says “You have to be prepared to fail, don’t coming into an incubator assuming you’re going to succeed”.  He is right as all new businesses will have tough time, times when money is lacking and goals don’t get fulfilled, yet.  If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur you’ve got to be passionate, so that you can get through those times without giving up.

Relan also adds “All of this has to be fun.  If you’re slogging away thinking, ‘I can’t wait till I get through this’, don’t do it.  Every moment you spend as an entrepreneur should be a wonderful moment you’ll never forget”.   Isn’t that the whole reason you wanting to work for yourself in the first place?

A Leader

There is a difference between a great leader and a great manager, Relan says “Leadership means having big ideas and the ability to communicate them”.  This is key to being a good leader as communication is the difference between getting people to work with you or against you.


Although Relan advises that this is the least important of all 4 qualities as you could never be a successful entrepreneur if you only knew about the tools you need to build your business.  He believes that you’ll need the other qualities more and the desire to succeed to get you anywhere.

In fact some of these qualities can be acquired you just have to want it enough.  Relan also cautions that you have to be 100% OK with the fact that there is a good likelihood that you will fail he believes not everyone has that mindset.

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Paula LawesAre You Ready To Be an Entrepreneur?

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