E-Learning & You

Learning! It's great for you!Alright so we have to admit it, the digital age has transformed how we learn.

No longer bound by the tradition (although beloved!) of going to the library and researching or checking out that old dusty book, we have moved decidedly forward. We, students of modern technology have embraced how we learn. Our thirst for knowledge cannot be contained and e-learning, once something that was more curious than familiar is now a staple in our everyday lives. So let’s examine it!

What is E-Learning?

E-learning is the constant virtual flow of knowledge by both teaching and being taught information.

If you are a college student much like me, who is attending an online University, then you are accessing those virtual libraries, corresponding with classmates via discussion forums and virtual classrooms, and researching using online databases. If you are a technical support manager then you are no doubt training your support technicians by way of online content, a help desk, or even a series of PDF’s and videos. If you are a coach who has had their coaching programs in the more “terrestrial arena” and are not using platforms like JigsawBox to take it live, congratulations! You, too, are participating in the e-learning process.

So how does e-learning benefit over traditional learning?

It’s mobile. It’s convenient. It’s global.

We don’t have to bind ourselves to books that are not in store or worksheets that we have to fill out. We no longer have to go to an actual library to research information on a subject or paper. Laid out before us we no longer find seven thousand papers, two hundred pencils, and twenty pens. We do not have to file anything physically away and if we are the ones that are distributing content – it’s no longer about two hundred legal pads filled with notes.

Now it’s in the form of releasing information digitally. With Web based training and Computer based training, we are bringing our knowledge to the masses by allowing anyone with access to a computer or telephone the ability to direct connect to what they need to know. At JigsawBox, we look to that future and embrace it.

JigsawBox is that unique spot on the internet that is not just easy to use, but that also caters to e-learning. We encourage coaches and more to join us by signing up for a trial and just taking a look at how you can add your content and information by way of the module, create that package, and then send out that link for your clients to sign up immediately and start learning from you TODAY.

You can use your JigsawBox to promote your method of e-teaching your students via learning logs, questions and answers, forum discussions, trade documents and files, and so much more.

E-learning is not just the present, but it is the future. We here at JigsawBox appreciate how to stay ahead of the curve.

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orianaE-Learning & You

JigsawBox Tip: Reasons to Delay Your Modules

Clients love courses!When launching a program, you may have created a series of content that you want distributed at certain times. Be it by the day, week, or month, you have customized your coaching program so that it is a multi-course study and now, thanks to JigsawBox, you can have those courses released at exactly the point in time that you want them. If you’ve never considered delaying the release of your modules, here are some of the fantastic reasons why you should:

Time Management

Delaying the release of your modules allows your clients and yourself to focus on courses one at a time. These singular studies will help your client to really get down to work and learn the material, completing it all at their own discretion and keeping track of what they do at their own pace.

You give your clients the know-how to build upon their knowledge in a multi-tiered way.


The membership option works beautifully with the delay of modules. If you wanted to use JigsawBox in this manner you could easily set up modules that contain audio, video, learning logs, and questions but then release them by the month. This type of feature puts an emphasis not just on the focus but also the exclusivity of that membership.

Monthly Learning Log

In addition to your regular packages, you could set up a monthly learning log for your clients so that monthly they will be able to submit their ideas, their comments, their questions, and their answers in response to their own course materials. The learning log can be used by you to improve your coaching program, decide on what your clients need from you, and even plan future programs based off of the tabulated responses your clients give you.

We are always anxious to learn how the delay of modules benefits you – let us know by going responding to us via Twitter or Facebook!

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orianaJigsawBox Tip: Reasons to Delay Your Modules

JigsawBox Tip: Starting off Your JigsawBox


Start JigsawBox Off Right!This week’s Tip is all about and for the new JigsawBoxer. Because we have so many new coaches coming into JigsawBox (and we LOVE that!) we wanted to ensure that you had the best “starting point” you possibly could have.

So here is my little starting guide to getting the most out of your Jigsawbox:

1. Add us to Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up to date with the latest information and announcements from JigsawBox.

2. Once you are started with your JigsawBox account – it’s time to fill out your information and get past the account screen. Here’s how you can make it past the “My Account” Screen and start working on your modules:

First, complete the required information on the My Account page. The following fields are required:

  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Website URL (if you’re site isn’t up yet, you can enter any URL as you can modify this later)
  • Business name
  • Short company name

Then, after you’ve completed everything that is required, click “Save” at the bottom of the page. You are now able to access the multiple areas of JigsawBox! We encourage you to start looking through your tabs and especially your “My Packages”, “My Modules”, and “My Forums” areas.

3. In order to get more familiar with how JigsawBox works – make sure that you bookmark the JigsawBox blog – it is an amazing resource that can help you immensely when you are starting your JigsawBox Journey.

From here you will find:

  • JigsawBox Tips and Tutorials
  • Monday Mindsets to get you back into the mindset for success
  • Featured articles on the best ways to bring out the best in your coaching skills.

4. Reach out and join the JigsawBox affiliate program – there is no better way to support JigsawBox by not only being one of the family, but also by getting paid to support it! We encourage this. To join up as an affiliate, go to: http://www.jigsawbox.com/affiliates.

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orianaJigsawBox Tip: Starting off Your JigsawBox

Affiliates – Contacting Your Peers

We Talk. He Talks. She Talks. We all talk - Affiliate ContactsOver the last few weeks we have touched on a lot of the finer points of what makes an affiliate program run. We have explored the JV and Affiliate partnership, we have looked at the reasons why these relationships are so beneficial to how our businesses grow, and we have even explored what content we need to provide to our affiliate databases to make it a true success.

In this final “final” section on affiliates I want to talk about one more area of affiliation that I feel we don’t open up enough about – the affiliate contact.

When I first began dabbling in any kind of affiliate management, it was very low grade and it was mainly passing along e-mails from one side to another with personal contact at a minimum. Transitioning into managing affiliate programs meant a very treacherous road dealing with the various rules and regulations that one side or another had, keeping the contact personal and engaging, and hoping beyond hope that other affiliate managers would respond. These are fond memories for me because they keep me on my toes and ready to rock – regardless of the obstacles.

Making and maintaining that affiliate contact can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be insurmountable. Here are the tips you need to remember to just step forward and start walking the affiliate “walk”. The same tips can be applied to your JV Partnerships as well.

Strategize – Look through your affiliate database and look for the affiliates that are actively promoting your organization. Make a spreadsheet or a list and include the contact name, position, company name, e-mail address, and the product you would like them to mail out for.

Prioritize – Don’t tackle it all at once – you could quickly lose track and thus lose any focus you may have had when delving into contacting your affiliates. Pick two or three per month and focus on what they can do for you, what you want them to promote, and what you can offer to them in terms of negotiable rates or cross promotion that would make them WANT to promote for you.

Gather your nerves – This is especially for the new Affiliate and JV Managers out there. All of us were and in some cases are in your shoes. It’s harrowing – taking those first initial steps and contacting affiliates or assistants however you have to realize – it needs to get done so take a deep breath and take ON the task. Be prepared by making a short list of the message you want to get across, be personal, don’t be wordy, be efficient, and most of all be YOU. The best step is the first step. It gets you out there, it gets you moving, and it gets you the experience you need.

Wishing all of you so much success!

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orianaAffiliates – Contacting Your Peers