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IMPORTANT NOTE: This message is for coaches who make at least $50,000 – $100,000+ a year who are overworked, stressed out and burnt out… and are ready to go to the next level where you actually make more money while working less.
You’ve Got Clients…You’re Making Money As A Coach Helping Others…You’re Living Your “Dream Business”
And Yet…
Is Your Coaching Business
Starting To Feel Like
A Job You Don’t Like?
Is It “Wrong” For You To Want More?
Don’t You Deserve More Free Time?
Wasn’t That Why You Became A Coach In The First Place?
Just like your coaching clients…
YOU deserve everything life has to offer,
including an abundance
of income and free time!

Keep reading to discover my proven
“7 Steps to 7 Figures” formula to…

  • Getting paid “passive income” whether you’re awake or asleep…
  • Finding clients who want to pay you 10X your current fees.
  • How to “unlock” the free time in your business so you can finally travel, spend time with your kids, be with your spouse, and start the hobbies you’ve always wanted to (but put off)…

AND… help MORE people while working LESS!

From: Nicola Bird

To: Coaches who are ready for the next level…

Congratulations, you’ve made it!

You’re officially a paid, professional coach now.

You have clients, you’re making a difference in the lives of your clients… and best of all, you’re making enough to support yourself and your family… all the while doing something you love.

That’s a mighty achievement any way you look at it.

And yet, if you’re like many of my coaching clients who’ve reached this level of success…

Your schedule is overbooked, your “to-do” list for today is too long and you go to bed each night burnt out… with your head spinning, worrying about what has to be done tomorrow.

Worst part is —

You’re not giving your family the attention and love they deserve… and even though you’re making good money, you haven’t been able to “unplug” in a looooong time.

Whatever happened to that month off you promised yourself when you “made it”? Are you afraid your business won’t be waiting for you when you get back?

I understand.

Bills need to be paid, the economy is going crazy… you want to put money away for your children’s education… and even your own retirement!

HOWEVER — You know it’s out there…

Coaches who figured out how to systemize their business to have more free time… and yet, end up making more money (much more)!


You’re busy, busy, busy – finding clients, doing sessions, posting on Facebook, twitter, writing emails, building your website, running your business…

You’re so busy “doing”, you’ve forgotten about creating time for “being”!

And I know…  you’re doing your best to try and carve out just a little precious time for relationships, spending time with your children, and maybe (just maybe) get a few moments alone to take care of YOU.

It’s exhausting!

In fact, sometimes…

You may be secretly thinking to yourself…

“What have I got myself into?!”

Remember back when you started on your journey to become a coach… You had the energy and passion to do what it takes.

You just WANTED it.

But now that you’ve got your own coaching business, you’re finding that energy and passion running low.

Maybe you didn’t expect this level of stress, of feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of running your own business.

Perhaps you’re amazed at how many details you have to coordinate just to keep things running smoothly (marketing, billing, taxes, scheduling, websites, email lists…and on and on)

Or perhaps you’re feeling…

The “Loneliness of Success”

As a successful coach – you get to set your own hours. You’ve escaped the 9 to 5 grind… and you earn decent money having conversations.

Who are you going to talk to about this nagging dissatisfaction?

Friends and family? Dream on! They’re going to say “I wish I had your lifestyle! Stop complaining.”

So at this point you may be asking yourself:

How do I do more with less?

Is this all there is?

What does it take…

To take time off, have money in the bank, and have income that grows even while you’re asleep?

What does it take…

To enjoy more time with your children and close family, to have the freedom to pursue your own passions, hobbies and interests – all the while continuing to do good in the world and help others as a coach?

The answer?

It Takes 7 Steps…
  • 7 steps to get more free time… and have your business make money even when you’re not there…
  • 7 steps to double or triple your income, without working any harder! In fact, working only “once” and getting paid over and over again…
  • 7 steps to experience the ultimate coaching lifestyle – where you have all the money AND free time to do what you’ve always dreamed of…

How do I know this?

Because a few years ago I took these 7 steps – and I quickly smashed through all my time limits and income barriers, allowing me to drive my coaching business income from…

$27,551 To $544,115 In Two Years

My name is Nicola Bird.

And in 2006 when my 2nd child was born, I left a comfortable management career to pursue my dream of becoming a coach.

I knew it would give me more freedom and flexibility… an opportunity to raise my children in a way I want to…  the kind of freedom I wouldn’t get if I had a typical 9-5 job.

But —  For a long time my coaching “business” was what my husband called…

An “Expensive Hobby”

In fact, after nearly 3 years struggling with traditional marketing like printing up posters, ads and flyers… handing them out at gyms, cafes and Christmas fairs… networking and working my tail off… (I’m afraid my children saw far less of me than I wanted during those years)…

I “only” earned $27,551 as a coach in 2009.

Now for some people, that would be considered a success. But I had bigger dreams for my family and myself.

And after 3 years of effort, I knew there had to be a better, faster, easier way to take my coaching business to the next level.

Yes, I was busy, booked with clients – but I still didn’t have the freedom and income I knew was possible.

So in late 2009…

I Tried Something Very Different, Very Unique
And Quite Frankly, A Little Gutsy

Here’s what I did: I developed my own coaching system for leveraging my time, raising my fees, helping more clients – and spending less time “in” my business.

There are 7 steps I took to blast into the high six-figure income I now have as a coach…

And create a business that lets me spend weeks (and even months) at a time traveling and living in countries like New Zealand, Spain, France and more.

Plus… While still delivering tons of value to my coaching clients – and earning more money than I had dreamed was possible.

The “7 Steps To 7 Figures” advanced coaching formula I developed (which I’m about to share with you) is what I used to go from earning $27,551 in 2009… to closing over $277,159 in business in 2010….

And that wasn’t a one-time fluke. My coaching income continues to increase each year (while working less!) until last year my revenues were $544,115.

Even better: these 7 steps work for ANYONE who is ready to take their business to the next level.

Including YOU.

And the fact you’re reading this NOW is perfect because there’s never been a better time to take your coaching business to the next level.

According to the International Coach Federation…

Worldwide Revenue Produced by Coaching
Is $1.5 billion (USD) Per Year

It sounds crazy, but it’s true.

The coaching industry has been expanding rapidly due to the mounting pressures and stresses of daily life.

Recessions, high unemployment and economic turmoil are making people everywhere (at all levels of society) increasingly uncertain about the future.

More and more people are turning to coaches to help them through difficult times.

Which means you are perfectly positioned to help them…

And build a business with a “built-in” safety net. (The coaching industry is here to stay and it’s only going to grow bigger)! There is a lot of room for you to grow!

And let’s face it…

You already have the skills. (You’ve proven that by getting this far). But you KNOW working longer hours isn’t the answer.

So let’s talk about this…

How can you grow your coaching business… make more money… but NOT give up more of your time???

Stay with me because I’m about to show you exactly what it takes to earn 7 figures as a coach… working less than you do right now.

(ALSO: With this approach you don’t have to learn all kinds of advanced marketing strategies or waste time fiddling with websites and technology).

Ultimately, you’ll discover the secret to having …

Time Away From Your Business Each Year,
A Schedule You Can Easily Manage,
Clients Happy to Pay You
10X What You Charge Now…
And The Freedom To Live the Life
You Always Wanted!

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But it’s possible.

I’m a living example of this lifestyle.

I promise you… It’s much easier than you think, once you know how! I’ve done it, others have done it, and so can you.

But first I need to address the issue of…


Before you can start working half the time and doubling or tripling your current income…

You have to get CLEAR on your answer to this question:

If you’re already succeeding as a coach, is it OK for you to ask for MORE?

After all, thousands of people in the coaching profession struggle to get their first client. You can probably remember what it was like when you first started.

They would LOVE to be where you are.

And here you are, asking for more. MORE?! More money? More freedom? More time for yourself and your family?

Isn’t that being a little bit greedy?

The short answer is… No.

Aspiring to a better life, more quality time with the people you love, the ability to travel and experience what the world has to offer is natural.

Quite frankly…

It’s not fair of you to not be helping as many people as you possibly can and making a huge impact in more lives.

There are people out there that need your help, that desperately need your help, but you’re not reaching them right now.

And ask yourself this…

Isn’t that exactly what we help our clients to achieve? To achieve more in their lives? Who says just because you’re a coach, you can’t have lofty goals?

Like Tony Robbins says, “We’re either growing or dying. You can’t tread water and last very long”.

Looking for ways to improve your life and expand your ability to give – to your family, your clients, people in need, and to yourself – is a worthy pursuit.

And frankly, the funny truth of the world is…

You Actually Do MORE Good In The World
When You Increase Your Income And Protect
Your Time For Family and Personal Interests!

When you’re able to systematize your business, work more “on” your business instead of being “in” it, and you can automate all the minor details…

  • You can give more energy to fewer private clients (who pay you more)…
  • You can spread your message further with marketing and products…
  • You can affect more lives in more ways than 1-on-1 time…

And on that last point (for me personally)…

I realized that the more I made, the more I could give. I’ve made more donations to charities that I ever dreamed possible last year.

Now — please understand — there’s nothing wrong with being content with what you have.

For many coaches, this level of success is all they want.

And bless them for that.

But this isn’t about other coaches – it’s about YOU.

This Is About Your Life
And Your Dreams!

If your dreams include more freedom, more income to free yourself of debt and secure your family’s future… more time for yourself to grow and pursue your hobbies and passions…

Then hold on because you’re about to be given 7 keys that will unlock those dreams faster than you can imagine.

Recently I held a private bootcamp with a few exclusive clients where I went through my unique 7-step process for building a 7 figure coaching business.

These were successful coaches who were ready to find out what it takes to experience new levels abundance and freedom – while maintaining high integrity and delivering value to their clients.

Unfortunately, that was a one-time event.

However, you can still access this training.

You see, I recorded the training. I also edited it, organized it and added extra materials (to make sure ANY coach could follow these simple steps and watch their business quickly transform)…

What I created is a simple, step-by-step system for growing any coaching business quickly and easily.

With this program you don’t need to learn any complicated marketing techniques or technology – everything you need is provided for you in a step-by-step format.

You quickly begin increasing your fees, providing more value to your clients and adding thousands of dollars in extra, passive revenue to your bank account every month.

When I followed these 7 steps in my own coaching business… I went from “doing OK” to earning over a half a million dollars in 24 months.

Let me tell you, with that kind of money – you can do a lot of good.

Life Changes Drastically For The Better
When You Take Your Coaching Business
To This Next Level…

Here’s one of my clients, Lesley Ann off with the elephants for a whole month while her business runs without her.

You can pay off your debts, own your own home free and clear, give your kids the best possible education, travel (and stay as long as you want) – give generously to charities you believe in, even pamper yourself to a massage every week!

And best of all you are still doing what you love – coaching others.

You don’t have to compromise your integrity to be successful, you don’t have to chain yourself to the phone for endless hours, you are no longer a slave to your business.

Instead, you’re FREE.

You get to work less, impact more lives, and watch your bank balance get bigger and bigger.

It’s the best of everything – and it’s FUN!

For all those reasons and more, I’m very excited to introduce you to…

Seven Steps To Seven Figures
Taking Your Coaching Business To The Next Level

Get More Free Time, Increase Profits With Less Work,
Make Money Whether You’re Awake Or Asleep…
So You Can Take Two Week Vacations Without Worry

And Here’s What
You’ll Discover Inside…

THE JIGSAWBOX ADVANTAGE™ has seven key steps to follow. As you build one module upon the next, you will begin to clone yourself, automate your business and stop working “in” it.

Don’t worry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense right now. I’ll explain more soon.

What you need to know is this:

With this advanced training program, you will see how I, myself, Nicola Bird can generate income 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — no matter where I am… and still deliver the same amount of value, trust and interactive coaching to my clients.

Let’s go over the seven steps in detail.

As you review what’s inside JIGSAWBOX ADVANTAGE™, I want you to think about how you can start applying these 7 steps to your coaching business this week…

Creating Your Signature System
Chances are — right now, you’re a highly intuitive coach. You get clients in your office, on the phone or on Skype… and you just go. You fly by the seat of your pants. You ask smart questions. You let them lead. And then you offer the most amazing advice, guidance and coaching. Frankly, you get an adrenaline rush from solving client problems like this.

Unfortunately — that has to stop. At least for now. The first step to getting more freedom in your business is systemizing your expertise and wisdom. This may sound scary at first, but it’s actually quite easy once you go through this module. I have several simple exercises for you to do to help you do that here.

Once you’re done this module — you will have a “signature system”. Your coaching experience, expertise and wisdom will be distilled into 7 steps, 7 modules or a 7 part system. (The number may not necessarily be 7. It can be between 5 to 9).

This gives you the freedom to “name” your unique coaching skills. It gives it a higher perceived value. You will stand out from other coaches. And what’s more, it gives you a tremendous sense of confidence when you describe your business to others.

In fact, by having a “signature system”… it makes it easier to buy from you. You end up becoming an “industry of one”. You have no competitors because no one coaches like you do. You can even trademark your system and bring an air of heightened professionalism to your clients. I’ll show you exactly how to do this.

Bootcamp Your Way To Success
Up until now, you’ve had one source of income: your time. You basically sell your time one hour at a time… to one client at a time. Some people call it “dollars for hours”. But ultimately, you’re stuck at an income ceiling because there are only 24 hours in a day. (And you have to eat, sleep and take care of your family).

So let’s talk about your first 2nd stream of income. It’s called the “Virtual Bootcamp”, and it’s a very powerful income accelerator for your coaching business. Here’s the concept in a nutshell: Instead of coaching one person at a time… why not a group of them? Five, twenty, a hundred… maybe even a thousand?

Now, this would be unwieldy and impossible if you didn’t have a “signature system”. But if you went through module one — you have one now. So you can get a large group of people (all paying your current coaching rate, or more)… and you walk them through your signature system.

Imagine what would happen to your business overnight. I did this and it changed my coaching business forever. It’s quite simple. Now instead of selling one-on-one time, you’re delivering value one-to-many. Your coaching rate also shoots up dramatically. After all, if people are willing to pay $1,000 – $1,997 each for group coaching…  shouldn’t your one-on-one time be worth significantly more? Of course.

But here’s the magic… while my one-on-one VIP program is now $22,000… I still earn more per hour when I do a bootcamp. I ran the math recently… I was making $8,000 an hour during a group coaching!

And that’s not all. Let me ask you — aside from the money and freedom to work at home, why are you in this business? To help people and change lives, yes? With a Bootcamp (or group coaching)… you reach more and more people. You touch more lives. You make a bigger impact on the world.

And one more (very important) point… a Bootcamp can also be the basis of a new product! Think about that. Instead of taking hours out of your valuable 1-on-1 coaching business to create a product… a Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to get paid while creating a product.

In this module… I’ll show you step-by-step how to put one together for your current clients in the shortest time possible. And not to brag — but no one out there teaches this Virtual Bootcamp model the way I do – I’ve got this totally nailed!

Creating Content That Works
What’s the worst thing that can happen to you if you start selling a training program? There are two answers. The first one is you get requests for refunds. When that happens, it could mean your customer wasn’t ready, overextended her credit… or got swept up by your brilliant marketing.

But oftentimes — people return programs and courses because they don’t use them. And one important reason for that is because the customer says, “it didn’t work”.

This module is all about minimizing refunds by creating, organizing and structuring the most amazing content you possibly can. It’s about engaging your coaching clients. It’s about getting them to consume, absorb and actually go out into the world and use what you teach! It’s about getting fan mail from your customers with the most amazing stories because you’ve helped them change their lives!

In this module, you’ll discover the ADDIE model of creating training that works. People’s different learning modalities. How to drive your points home with powerful stories. How to structure your lessons for maximum absorption.

Most importantly — I’ll show you nine proven training activities you can include in your program or course that is guaranteed to engage your customer. It will get them to learn faster, more effectively and easier. Trust me, they will thank you for it. And what’s more, when they get results — they send you everyone they know. There’s nothing like referral leads.

Adding Massive Value To Your One on One Clients
I know, I know. JIGSAWBOX ADVANTAGE is all about “getting YOU out of your business”. So why would I dedicate an entire module on how to “do more” with your one-on-one clients? Simple. Because once you start implementing your signature system, Bootcamps and virtual training products… you will become more and more “in demand”.

This gives you the freedom to “pick-and-choose”. For most coaches, they’re constantly chasing after clients, making ends meet… or having feast-or-famine cycles. This will not be you if you followed the first three modules. You will be in a new place where you’ll have “too many” people wanting your coaching (if you can believe that).

When this happens, you must raise your fees and choose who you work with very carefully. And in this module, I’ll show you how to discover a few key clients who actually want to spend ten times more with you. These are highly loyal coaching clients that want your personal attention. The kind of attention that’s quickly becoming more limited due to your Bootcamps, training programs and virtual training.

In this module, I will show you five new and different ways to package your personal one-on-on coaching so you can easily ask for higher fees. You’ll discover how to find these clients who want to spend more with you. And in fact, I’ll show you how to effortlessly get them to pay you monthly fees for ongoing accountability coaching (which won’t take more than a few minutes a week working anywhere you want in the world).

But that’s not all. The most powerful thing about getting to this level is working with fewer one-on-one private clients. You only work with a handful of people you love, who respect you and pay you good money. You will no longer have to “book yourself solid”, even!

Six Passive And Recurring Income Streams
OK. Here’s where it starts getting real fun. The first three modules are all about creating your first program with your “signature system”. But that’s only one other income stream you can add to your coaching business. In this module, I’ll show you six more.

I don’t think I need to explain why you want to do this. But let’s be thorough. What would an additional seven income streams do for you? First, you can keep scaling your business and make more money without giving up more of your time. With that time, you can do more of what you love outside of coaching — family, travel, hobbies.

This is when you start getting “recurring revenue” or what’s known as “passive income”. What does this mean exactly? It’s when you do the work once and get paid on it for the rest of your life. It’s like when an author (like J.K. Rowling) gets royalties for every Harry Potter book that’s sold.

For me, I have my JigsawBox software. Every month, I have thousands of people whose credit card on file is charged. That’s “recurring revenue”. And here, I’m going to show you how to create six of them!

With passive income… you’d also start each month off with money in the bank. If you don’t have that right now, you know what it’s like to “start at zero” every time a new month starts.

But at the end of the day, what you’re really getting with multiple streams of income is this: freeing up your mind so you can focus on working on your business. As long as you spend most of your time working “in” your business, you’re always chasing clients, doing the work and worrying about making enough. So let’s stop that.

In this module, I’ll show you…

  • How to get paid extra income every month simply by sharing your favorite authors, mentors and software with your clients…
  • A simple way to do work once, and get paid for it over and over again, month-in, month-out…
  •  I’ll show you how to “sell without selling” using an automated marketing funnel that delivers tons of value, training and coaching before you ask for a single penny. (Your future customers will love it)…
  • How to “clone yourself” so that you can deliver face-to-face coaching to your clients without you being there…
  • Make sure every product, Bootcamp or training course you launch is always a guaranteed success…


Multiplying You
This is it. This is how you can start “walking away” from your coaching business, but still bringing in money every single month on autopilot. And I’m not talking about selling training programs and courses either. I’m talking about delivering one-on-one coaching that your clients will love even when you’re not physically there.

This may be the most powerful module in THE JIGSAW BOX ADVANTAGE.

So you see, when you multiply yourself, you are truly freeing yourself from your coaching business (if you choose to).

Getting YOU Out Of Your Business
OK — up until now, we’ve talked about how to “clone” yourself as a coach. What I’ve shown you is how to go from “technician” (the person who does the actual coaching)…. to “publisher” (someone who teaches through their programs, courses and Bootcamps)…. to “business owner” (someone who works “on” their business, not “in” it).

So you may be asking… can you remove yourself from your business even more? Well, yes you can. You see, we haven’t talked about the operations side of your business yet. There are a lot of things you’re doing right now that can be outsourced.

Things like bookkeeping, social media, managing your leads, putting up websites, driving traffic and the 99 thousand other things most coaches end up doing outside of actual coaching. In fact, I’ve coined a term for this kind of work: “adminstrivia”.

In this module, we’ll talk about putting together “systems” — basically, step-by-step procedures of routine things you do that you can hand off to someone else. We’ll talk about how to hire a virtual assistant and how much to pay for them. We’ll talk about when you should start thinking about hiring people (it’s earlier than you think)!

Basically, you’ll know how to leave your business alone (and still make money) by the end of this module.

Personally For Me, Here’s What
Jigsaw Box Advantage
Has Really Done For My Life…

I now spend entire days away from my business without checking my email. Not even a peek. I’m confident that my team is doing a fantastic job, now that I have all this in place.

Before — I’d be playing with my kids… but checking my iPhone every 5 minutes ‘just in case’. I simply wasn’t “present” with my kids!

I remember my 6-year-old saying to me “Mummy, you’re always on the laptop”. It was then, I knew something had to change.

In fact, back then…

My kids KNEW when my laptop lid opens to 45 degrees – even if it’s in another part of the house. I’m not kidding! And as soon as that happens… exactly at 45 degrees… the fights and screams start happening. I am not making this up!

But take a look at this picture. It’s a picture of a private school I now send my kids to. I was able to pay for two years of it (for all three of my kids)… with one virtual bootcamp.

Now I KNOW in my bones that I’m a better mother because of my business. That one had me trapped for YEARS. All that time I spent working on my business, rather than with my kids? By creating ways to stop trading time for money and sell more than my time, I started bringing in more money which I could use to benefit them in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise AND still be able to pick them up every day. (Yes, I really am the proudest mother!)

I promise you… The JigsawBox Advantage will be the most powerful coaching training program you’ll ever invest in.

It’s a lot of training in one package.

So let me summarize what you get…

1. Creating Your Signature System – A way to systemize your knowledge so you can create training products and virtual courses.

2. Bootcamp Your Way To Success — The fastest way to building your second stream of income.

3. Creating Content That Works — The best way to reduce refunds for your virtual training (and get loyal fan mail as well)!

4. Massive Value To One-On-One Clients — How to get ten times your coaching fee from your clients.

5. Six Passive & Recurring Income Streams — Creating multiple streams of income so you can stop worry about the bills (and taking time away from your business without worry).

6. Multiplying You — Delivering one-on-one coaching without you being present

7. Get Out Of Your Own Business — How to automate your business so you can spend more time with your family, go on more vacations and pick up new hobbies.

Simply put, if you’re ready to…

  • Generate recurring and passive income (money you make whether you’re awake or sleeping)…
  •  Create 2nd and multiple income streams (money coming from sources other than you time)…
  • Discover highly loyal clients who are willing to pay you ten times what you’re currently asking (they’re in your clientele right now!)…
  • Clone yourself and get paid for it (turning your expertise into a system other coaches can replicate)…
  • And you’re ready to walk away from your business, so you can spend more time with your family, travel extensively or just work fewer hours (but make more money)…

You need THE JIGSAWBOX ADVANTAGE. With this program…

You will discover all the step-by-step training, strategies and templates you need to start “getting out of your own business”.

By the end, you will truly understand what it means to work “on” your business and not “in” it. You will be moving from “doer” to “manager” to “owner”.

Imagine… shortly after you put everything The JigsawBox Advantage teaches you into place. You will have a business that feeds you, pays your bills and runs on its own with very little supervision.

You Will Get Back Massive
Amounts Of Free Time

You can do with that as you like. Spend more time with your family and loved ones. Travel to countries you’ve always meant to. Take up a childhood dream — perhaps a hobby, a musical instrument or learn a new language.

Start new projects — or even a passion business. Or maybe a philanthropic endeavor.

Personally, In the last 12 months I have travelled to the US, Holland, Spain and Ireland, emigrated to France (and back!), learned French, started to learn two musical instruments, had time to work out, bought a house to renovate…


Was there to drop my kids off and pick them up from school nearly every single day!

What’s more, I go to all their school plays and sports days, all while my business continues to grow because of the things I’ve implemented.

This is the power of what I teach you in The JigsawBox Advantage.

And in a moment, you can get access to the entire JigsawBox Advantage package at a special 75% discount.

But before I do that, I have a very serious question to ask you…

Is There A Chance You’re A Coaching Hypocrite?

Tell me if I’m wrong, but…

As coaches we often find ourselves compromising.

We compromise our own dreams, our values, our relationships and even our very own financial well-being… to keep our business going.

What’s there to say? Coaches love to give.

We give to our clients. And we give. And give… But at the cost of our own lives.

After all, our business is helping others reach their dreams, have better relationships and achieve their financial goals!

HOWEVER — Let’s look at this another way…

Frankly, (and forgive me for being blunt), but there’s no other way to describe what’s going on here except you’re essentially being…


Listen. I’m not judging you! I was guilty of this for years!

But this is a serious issue you need to look at…

  • How much longer will you continue to earn less than your potential?
  • How much more time with your loved ones will you sacrifice?
  • How much more unnecessary stress and pressure will you “take on” in your business, from your clients and keep piling on to yourself?
  • How many more days will you collapse into bed exhausted, knowing the people in your life need more of your time?
  • How many more days will you work long hours knowing your children, loved ones and passions are getting older, more distant and further away?

You already know this has to change or you wouldn’t be reading this message.

And your tomorrows aren’t going to change until you do something TODAY to make the change happen.

Listen, I know this is sensitive for you. But it’s time for me to put on my coaching hat here…

Think about it.

You teach your clients to have clarity, to know their next steps, to take action towards their goals.

Well… What About You?

This is “tough love” time.

Are you compromising your own life while giving different advice to others?

What kind of an example are you setting to the people you love?

Are you happy with what you see when you look at your bank balance and pay your bills – or are you frustrated and feel you deserve more?

Be honest!

Only you can decide if you are finally ready to elevate your level of freedom, income and happiness.

I was in your shoes. And I decided ENOUGH!

At that moment I began to make changes. Twelve months later I was FREE. And I’ve never looked back.

And the exact recipe, the same 7-step formula I used to make those changes – is captured in The JigsawBox Advantage.

You don’t have to struggle the way I did…

You Can Start Getting Results Immediately…

(Literally, in the next 10 minutes you can be taking your first steps because the program is delivered online)

All you have to do is make a decision, then follow along as I guide you through the process and experience for yourself what the next level of coaching success is like.

I’m talking about:

  •  Taking long 4-day weekends OFF every month… or, if you want to do what I do… I now work 4 day weeks. It’s completely up to you!
  • Planning your travel plans and time off  in advance, not only knowing you can afford them… but you’ll actually be making money while you’re gone.
  • Spending quality time with your kids without worrying about how much it will cost you in time and money… (Giving them experiences that will shape their view of the world and memories they will treasure forever)
  • Paying off your debts and securing your retirement – the peace of mind and relief that brings does wonders for your health and relationships
  • And much more…

It’s All Possible With
The Jigsaw Box Advantage

Yvette implemented The JigsawBox Advantage and now works just 2 days a week so that she can spend time with Katie before she starts school

With this program, there are no mysteries left unsolved.

You don’t have to spend time wondering “will this work for me?”

You just get down to business, follow the steps, and enjoy the results.

Yes, you need to take action. There’s effort involved. But the rewards come quickly.

And once you get that first taste of how different and EASY your coaching business can be, you’ll never look back.

There is a door open right in front of you to walk through. A door that leads to more financial freedom, a bank account with an exciting balance, and the life-balance that means so much to the people who love you.

You can start using JigsawBox today and start seeing the changes tomorrow.

You’ve seen this with your clients…

The change begins when they take the first step.

The JigsawBox Advantage gives you 7 steps to follow – 7 steps that will change your life the way they changed mine.

Why Your Investment
In The Jigsaw Box Advantage
Is Necessary Today

Any of the big guru coaching programs promoted on the internet that even come close to this level of content sells for $1,997.

$1,997 may seem like a lot now, but how does that investment compare when you have a mid 6-figure (to even 7 figure) coaching business a year from now?

When your monthly income is more than what most people make in a year?

When you’re waking up refreshed and asking “what do I want to do today?” because you finally have the luxury of free time to design your perfect life?

As you know… I have no problem charging full value for my programs.

I’ve spent several years and invested thousands of dollars testing and refining each of these proven approaches to doubling your income and freedom as a coach.

My VIP coaching days are $5,000. It would take at LEAST 2 full days to teach you this information one-on-one.

So a retail price of $1,997 is very reasonable for what this program delivers. So I could easily ask for $1,997… But I won’t. Not today.

You see…

I’m On A Mission

My goal is to help 1,000 coaches each help 1,000 people – and positively impacting a million lives.

Listen — this year I enrolled over 1600 people onto ONE Virtual Bootcamp.

I cannot tell you how great it feels to be able to have that big an impact teaching the stuff I am so passionate about.

Don’t you want to do the same?

When you’re a successful, abundant coach – living the lifestyle you dream of – you want to share that with the world. That’s exactly what I’ve done, and I’m doing right now.

Frankly, I need your help.

I need you to become as successful, abundant and happy as I am as a coach… and change the lives of 1,000 clients, customers and partners.

That’s why I’m making The JigsawBox Advantage much, much more affordable than I ever thought possible. In fact, it’s an uncomfortably low discount for me.

Until Thursday, you won’t pay anywhere near the retail price of $1,997.

You won’t even pay $997.

Right now you can get instant access to the Jigsaw Box Advantage program until Thursday for a 75% discount at only $497

Over the next year, that’s $1.36/day.

Which means a year from now….

You could have consumed a lot of coffee and still be struggling to juggle your career, family commitments and the pursuit of your own balanced life….

Or — You can be looking back on a year when “everything changed”…

The Year Your Income Doubled (Or Tripled Even)
– And You Worked LESS Than Ever Before

The year you took multiple weeks off to travel, spent more time with your loved ones, helped more clients and allowed yourself to experience some of life’s pleasures you’ve been putting off.

All that and more is possible when you follow my proven JigsawBox Advantage 7 step system.

I’m offering you a 75% discount until Thursday so you can kick start your coaching business and make this the best year ever.

After this date, you’ll see me raise the price of this program back to $1,997.

However, I realize money may still be tight as we deal with this economy. I get that. So I’m going to make your decision even easier.

First, I’m going to do something I rarely do, and that’s give you the option of getting full access to The Jigsaw Box Advantage for…

4 payments of only $139.

You get instant access to the full course with your first payment of $139 today. The remaining 3 payments are spaced 30 days apart.

Offering a payment plan is an experiment for me, I’m not 100% comfortable with it and I don’t know if I’ll be doing it again.

So if smaller payments makes it easier for you to afford the program, I encourage you to take advantage and place your order now.

Choose your option and get immediate access to the first module right now:


                                   1 PAYMENT OF $497

                                  4 PAYMENTS OF $139

Also, I understand even with a program that makes perfect, logical sense for you to invest in (like The Jigsaw Box Advantage system)… you may still have worries about whether it’s right for you.

So I’m going to make this a no-brainer by offering to buy the program back from you any time in the next 3 months.

Nicola Bird’s 90 Day “Smash
Your Income Barrier” Guarantee

If you’re serious about creating a life of abundance and freedom, changing the lives of your clients with your work and making six to seven figures as a coach…

You already know The JigsawBox Advantage program will give you EVERYTHING you need to play the coaching game at the highest levels and win.

Many coaches have tried to duplicate themselves, launch products, break the million-dollar-income barrier and enjoy weeks of vacation time each year. You may have heard of the success stories, but the reality is… most of them ultimately spent tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out themselves.

You will avoid these mistakes.

I’ll make it simple for you. Get The JigsawBox Advantage. Review it. Study it. If you can honestly say you don’t feel “armed to the teeth” with the know-how, tactics, strategies, formulas, steps, samples, and clear path to smash through your income barriers and start earning mid-6 (or even 7) figures helping people as a coach …

…Then give me the word and I’ll refund every penny you invested in The JigsawBox Advantage.

In fact, let me make it COMPLETELY risk-free for you. I want you to be 100% satisfied with The JigsawBox Advantage. If you review the course, and get the step-by-step, paint-by-numbers blueprint for doubling or tripling your income and free time as a coach… but still feel it’s NOT worth the money you paid for it… ASK FOR A FULL REFUND… even if it’s the last day of the 90-day guarantee.

I will honor it, no questions asked.

This is how strongly I believe in my course. You will not see a guarantee like this anywhere else, I assure you.

The Decision You Make Today Is Going To Shape
Your Future And The Future Of Your Family

And I want you to feel excited about that – because when you follow the 7 steps of JigsawBox Advantage and…

  • Establish your “Signature Service”…
  • Bootcamp your way to success…
  • Create content that works…
  • Add massive value to your existing clients…
  • Create 6 passive and recurring income streams…
  • Multiply yourself…
  • And get “out” of your business…

Your income and your business will never be the same.

I truly believe this program will make all the difference for you.

And, because freedom is so important to us as coaches, I’m also including…

3 JigsawBox Advantage Exclusive
“Get Out Of Your Business”
Bonus Sessions

While Session #7 gives you a great overview of how to develop systems, hire a virtual assistant and manage your time…

These are topics you can always learn more about. That’s why my three bonus gift sessions to you cover those topics. Let me tell you about them…

JigsawBox Advantage Bonus Session #1
Systems, System, Systems
Let’s face it. You a successful coach now. You have a full book of clients, a filled up schedule and you can safely say you’re making decent money… but you’re also starting to feel what I call the “crunch”. You know that feeling. Overwhelm. Stress. Guilt. Everything we’ve talked about so far.

And that’s why this bonus session is one of the most exciting ones I have to share with you. I’m excited and eager to share it with you. This single bonus session will show you how to make you business more easy to run, smoother, more efficient and more profitable. It will also empower to feel confident in handing off some of your more mundane tasks to an assistant.

What is it? It’s SYSTEMS. The moment you sit down and think through every step of every thing you do… you will get a sense of relief. You will realize that you can pass this off to someone even if they’re not highly skilled. And the more processes you can systemize and outsource… the more time you can spend with your family, on time off or doing whatever you want.

I couldn’t get a better person to interview for you here. She runs a virtual assistant business, but also consults with large corporations and internet companies on how to organize their work… make everything more systematized and efficient.

And once you’ve done that, you will want to…


JigsawBox Advantage Bonus Session #2
How To Hire Your First V.A.
Behind every great coach is an extraordinary, super-multitasking virtual assistant.

For me, her name is Jennifer Gallagher. She’s worked with me for over three years now. I still remember when I first hired here. I asked her to do a few tweets and write some blog posts. From there, our relationships has grown and deepened. I trust her with almost 100% of my business today.

So the question you may be asking yourself is… how do you find yourself a “Jennifer Gallagher”?

Well, let her tell you herself.

I got her on an exclusive teleconference recently for some coaching clients and we chatted for an hour about what you want in a superstar V.A… how to find, hire and use one effectively… what you can outsource to them… how often you should check-in with them… and how much you should pay for one.

If you’ve hit a “time ceiling” in your business, it’s because you’re doing everything yourself. This bonus module will solve all that. But we’ll also cover some other useful time management ideas like…

JigsawBox Advantage Bonus Session #3
Time Management For Busy Coaches
Several of my coaching clients (both private and group) have followed my career from the beginning… but they are often still amazed at how much I do to build my business… while still leading a balanced lifestyle.

As you may know already, I have three young children. In my past, I’ve travelled to New Zealand to work. And I go on holidays on a regular basis. (In fact, I just got back from Spain as I write this. I spent two full weeks on the beach with my kids, my husband and their grandparents with no Internet connection for miles. It left me totally recharged and ready to go when I got back).

So how do I do it all? Am I Wonder Woman? Do I have magical powers?

I wish.

Nope, I have good old fashioned time-management. Several of my colleagues already know this about me… but I love shortcuts. And I mean… looooooove them. In short, I work smart.

Here’s a great example of that…

At school and university, I figured out there would always be an “essay” portion on the final tests. So I actually went to the school library archives to study previous tests (this is all kosher, by the way). And compiling the most common themes, I’d “write” an essay outline for each one.

And instead of memorizing entire essays, I’d memorize the first word of each paragraph and turn it into an acronym. Let me give you an example. One of these “short codes” would be EBMATYB. In my head, it would be “Every blue monkey ate the yellow bananas”. In reality, they would be the first letter to the paragraphs in each one of my “memorized essays”.

I would have six or eight of these before each exam. I’d stick these acronyms everywhere in my house and just memorize them. And that’s how I aced every single test I ever did and ended up with a First Class Honours Degree and Masters Degree!

That’s what I call creative shortcuts!

In this module, I’ll share several of business shortcuts with you. They are all as ingenious, clever and effective as my essay acronym technique.

These three sessions are each worth $97 each, but you will get this $291 value absolutely FREE when you invest in Jigsaw Box Advantage. And remember…

This 7 Step Program Pushed My Coaching Income
From $27,551 To $ 544,115 In Two Years

There’s no reason you can’t experience that same incredible shift in your business.
I spent 7 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting this system in my own business, then I began teaching it to others with great success.

Everything you need is included – you don’t have to learn any complicated technology or spend weeks learning tricky marketing techniques. You just follow the steps and get the results

And Until Thursday Everything
In Jigsaw Box Advantage 
Is Yours For Only $497

Choose your option and get immediate access to the first module right now:


                                   1 PAYMENT OF $497

                                  4 PAYMENTS OF $139

If you’re serious about becoming time-rich, giving yourself more options in life and creating an income that allows you to pursue your hobbies and interests, you already know… you need this system.

Remember, when you place your order today…

You get 7 detailed, easy-to-follow step-by-step training modules covering:

  1. Establishing your “Signature System”,
  2. Bootcamp your way to success
  3. Create content that works
  4. Add massive value to your existing clients
  5. Create 6 passive and recurring income streams
  6. Multiply yourself
  7. And get “out” of your business

You get these 3 Bonus Sessions for breaking free of the stress of running a business:

  • Bonus Session 1: Systems, Systems, Systems
  • Bonus Session 2: How to Hire Your First VA
  • Bonus Session 3: Time Management For Busy Coaches

And you are protected by a 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Which means you can take your time, put the program to work in your own business and only after you see the results – decide to keep it.

The Jigsaw Box Advantage Is Available At A 
75% Discount Until Midnight on Thursday
(Regular price of $1,997 will apply after that)

Choose your option and get immediate access to the first module right now:


                                  4 PAYMENTS OF $139

My Friend, You’re Standing At A Crossroads.

You can struggle with trial and error to find your own path to the other side, or be guided on a short and easy journey to a new level of abundance and freedom in your business.

The future is bright for coaches.

People need our skills more than ever. Coaching is a growing profession with unlimited opportunity for those who know how to be smart in their business.

Please join me on my mission to help 1 million people through coaching.

I built this 7 step system to allow you to do more with less and break free of what a “normal” coaching business has to offer.

Follow the steps and experience total freedom to help more people, build the life you want with your family and leave financial stress and worry far behind you.

It’s possible for you. You can DO this!

And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

The JigsawBox Advantage system is the bridge to your future as a coach. It’s the next step to break away from “dollars for hours” coaching into a new world of possibilities.

I’ve done everything I can to make it easy to take that step.

Now it’s up to you… Give yourself this gift. It’s a decision you’ll never regret.

In your corner,

Nicola Bird

Nicola Bird
Founder & President of JigsawBox Ltd.

P.S. If seeing yourself as a 7 figure coach seems “too much” of a stretch, that’s even more reason to dig into this program. Your belief in yourself and what’s possible will expand when you realize how simple it can be to break through the income glass ceilings we’ve all be taught to believe in.

And, you don’t HAVE to make a million dollars a year as a coach. You may find that
$200,000 – $400,000 working part time is enough to do everything you want.

The point is you’ll have a CHOICE. Earn as much or as little as you want. Work as much or as little as you want.

That’s what I’ve been able to do with my coaching business, others have done it following this system – and so can you.

Choose your option and get immediate access to the first module right now:

                                   1 PAYMENT OF $497

                                  4 PAYMENTS OF $139

P.P.S. Oh wow. I almost forgot. Because you’ve committed to me by reading to the end of this sales letter, and you took the time to look at this offer thoroughly before making a decision… I want to reward you with a $297 course when you invest in The JigsawBox Advantage.

But you will only get this course if you invest in The JigsawBox Advantage during this special offer (which expires on Thursday).

It’s called “Launch ”. It’s got 14 modules and it will show you step-by-step how to put on a teleseminar that floods your business with coaching clients.

Let me quickly tell you about it.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how most “coaching training programs” say, “do a teleseminar” to get clients… and don’t say anything else. Have you seen this?

Everyone TALKS about how teleseminars are great…. but very few actually SHOW you how to do it. I had to put a stop to that.

With “The Launch Package” you’ll find a series of training videos showing you..

  • Which buttons to press in my favorite teleseminar/webinar tools…
  • How to set up the technology in less than 60 minutes with no headaches…
  • Where (and how) to set up a simple and effective sign-up page…
  • How to quickly create a sales page to get coaching clients during the call…
  • Exactly what to say on the call itself to get clients…
  • And, of course, how to get a “sold out” preview call…
  •  My number one favourite method of “filling the stadium”…
  • And to make it super-easy for you — I’ll even  give you my email templates…
  •  Plus — I’ll tell you when to send them, which days and how…
  • And finally — my follow up sequence of emails…

Now — the last point is extremely important. Believe it or not — most sales happen in the days AFTER your teleseminar if you get this right. Sometimes, I have up to 80% of  my sales AFTER my teleseminar.

Think about that. Most people put on an event and leave it at that. What they’re really doing is “saying no” to quintupling their sales.

And until Thursday… you get “Launch” absolutely free with The JigsawBox Advantage!!!

Choose your option and get immediate access to the first module right now:

                                   1 PAYMENT OF $497

                                  4 PAYMENTS OF $139

Let’s Do One Last Review…

Remember, when you place your order today…

You get 7 detailed, easy-to-follow step-by-step training modules covering:

  1. Establishing your “Signature Service”,
  2. Bootcamp your way to success
  3. Create content that works
  4. Add massive value to your existing clients
  5. Create 6 passive and recurring income streams
  6. Multiply yourself
  7. And get “out” of your business

You get these 3 Bonus Sessions for breaking free of the stress of running a business:

  • Bonus Session 1: Systems, Systems, Systems
  • Bonus Session 2: How to Hire Your First VA
  • Bonus Session 3: Time Management For Busy Coaches

You get “The Launch Package” as described above… showing you how to get more coaching clients using the trusted teleseminar method…

That’s a total of $2,585 value..

  • JigsawBox Advantage… $1997
  • 3 Bonus Sessions… $291
  • The Launch Package… $297

And you get it all for $497!  (That’s a 80% discount)!

Plus, remember…  you are protected by a 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.

But don’t forget — this offer is only good until Thursday.

Choose your option and get immediate access to the first module right now:

                                   1 PAYMENT OF $497

                                  4 PAYMENTS OF $139

Oh, and if that’s not enough….here’s one final bonus…

60 Days To Trial JigsawBox If You Don’t Have It Already
JigsawBox is THE online coaching virtual platforml that is an essential piece of your coaching toolkit.

This system, if you choose so, can form the backbone of everything you implement in The JigsawBox Advantage so we want to give you the chance to try it out.

Then, at the end of the 60 Days Free Trial you’ll be moved automatically to our $67 a month subscription or you can cancel at any point with a simple email – there’s absolutely zero obligation.

N.B. For all amounts on this page, please add VAT if you’re in the EU or the UK.

Earnings Disclaimer: There’s no such thing as getting rich quick in business. Anytime you see someone become wealthy overnight — there were years of long days, hard work and stress. But here’s the catch — they also did it with a smile on their face, giving value to everyone around them and serving their clients, vendors and every relationship to the highest degree. When in invest in our programs, I’m simply giving you the best strategies, roadmaps and tips to get there faster. As stipulated by law, in promoting this and all our programs we use illustrative numbers only and we cannot and do not make results guarantees or give professional or legal advice. It’s important you read all of our terms and earnings disclaimer via this link as you are not guaranteed to get results or earn an income. It’s dense, heavy legal text. I know. But it also shows how transparent we are. We want you to succeed, but we want to do it with 100% integrity. You’ll also see our disclaimers on our checkout pages. Thanks for reading this. I’m in your corner as your coach.